In order to achieve the goal, it is important to formulate it correctly

The arrival of spring, as usual, causes twofold feelings. On the one hand, spring is always a holiday, especially in Siberia. The sun shines, something shines there, the swallow flies, the wardrobe replenishes, the eyes shine, the mini skirts open their knees and new perspectives. 

On the other hand, “the spring of our anxiety” makes us critically examine ourselves in the mirror, get out from under the couch the scales safely hidden for the winter and with horror realize that something has to be done with all this bodily luxury acquired over the long winter.

Otherwise, mini-skirts, sarafans and dresses made of cotton, let alone swimsuits, will have to be forgotten this summer.

According to statistics, 78% of women are usually unhappy with their weight, but with the coming of spring their number is growing rapidly. And there is a growing determination to immediately get rid of excess weight and volume. Decisiveness flows into action, and here – in the gyms sold-out, instructors on shaping in great demand. You buy a subscription to the fitness center, put on training …

True, after a month or two, standing on the scales, you are likely to find with horror that the weight not only did not decrease, but perhaps even increased. There is nothing surprising in this – firstly, in order to make the results of the lessons visible to others, it takes at least six months, and secondly, the muscle mass, which is increased by training, is heavier than fat. This does not mean that fitness does not benefit – not at all!

To avoid disappointment, going to the gym, you need to realize that this is not a means to quickly bring yourself in shape, but rather one of the components of a healthy lifestyle that will someday certainly change your appearance. But not soon. However, the Siberian summer is a short one, and one wants to show off here and now, and not sometime in the future. There is only one way out – it was formulated in due time by Maya Plisetskaya: “Do not eat!” Alas, as though beaten and roughly speaking this phrase, there really is no option. Everything is logical: excess weight happens from overeating, weight loss – from malnutrition, and the fastest and healthiest weight loss – from starvation.

Imagine only to yourself what an extra piece of cake, a plate of pelmeni or cassadilla that you ate not because you were hungry, but for a company, or because the mood is bad, or because it looks appetizing, or, in the end , simply because there is nothing to do. All this not only adds centimeters to the waist and hips, but also slugs, “litter” the body, slows down the metabolism, as a result of which you gain weight.

No physical load will allow to purify the body of surplus and excess as fast as a therapeutic “dosed” starvation. Of course, this can only be done after a full medical examination and only under the close supervision of doctors. As explained by the specialists of the “Effekt” medical center, it is necessary to monitor the patient’s condition during several days of fasting (for example, to check the blood sugar level). It is also necessary to carry out a number of procedures that not only help to eliminate the accumulated “garbage” from the body, but also accelerate the process of losing weight, and in addition, do not allow the skin to hang from a sharp decrease in weight. For example, Charcot’s shower, hydromassage baths, aromatherapy, cryosauna, or oxigenrethrapy – the essence of the method is that the body is saturated with purified oxygen,

The most vivid result, according to the doctors of the medical center “Effect”, is given by fitness oxygen therapy and thermooxygen therapy. The inspiring effect of the same treadmill or aromatheptobochki can be strengthened at times. If health or a state of mind does not allow you to get involved in physical activities, the course of oxygen therapy can be taken and sitting in a comfortable armchair of the “Effekt” medical center – the result will not take long to wait.

In addition, in the “Effect” you can go and the course of ozone therapy – this procedure raises the immune system, increases vitality, eliminates the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Although they say that after a course of curative starvation fatigue is not remembered for very long: the body is happy with the new state, and the soul – a new reflection in the mirror.

By the way, about the new reflection. For 5-10 days spent in the “Effect”, you can not only lose weight, but also look younger – in any case, outwardly. “Injection of beauty” is one of the main achievements of cosmetology, which makes it possible, in 15 minutes, to look younger for 5-10 years. In the “Effect” they work only on proven, long-established drugs. In addition, the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon with many years of practice.

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