June 24, 2024

In Novosibirsk, a secret weapon appeared in the fight for equal teeth

I remember a funny story, when my best friend tried to get rid of the attention of an obsessive boyfriend. “Girl, what beautiful red hair you have! Just fire! “- did not skimp on the compliments of the guy.

“They are dyed! ” – the girl answered imperturbably. “And what green eyes – they can drown in! ” – “I have lenses! ” – parried girlfriend … Jokes are jokes, but in the usual situation, we prefer to keep the secrets of our beauty between us girls. And let the men think that we are so perfect by nature!

Orthodontics does not stand still, but meets our wishes. Technology is improving, and orthodontic designs are becoming increasingly invisible. Today you can wear braces, and no one will know about it!

Finally, the individual bracket-system Incognito appeared in Novosibirsk. This is just a find for those who for some reason do not want to advertise their orthodontic treatment.

Braces-invisible. Than are good?

What are lingual braces? The word “lingual” comes from the Latin lingual and means “from the side of the tongue”. Lingual braces, unlike the usual ones, are attached not to the outer but to the inner side of the teeth. The main advantage of such a system is absolute invisibility.

This technology is effective in a number of complex occlusion pathologies, for example, in the case of the so-called “deep occlusion”. During the application of lingual constructions, the lips do not protrude and do not stick to the brackets during sleep. The inner surface of the teeth is less prone to caries. Therefore, when using internal braces, the probability of tooth damage is significantly reduced.

To become more invisible. History of triumph.

History says that a monument for such a necessary and useful invention was earned by a certain Pierre Fouchard, an orthodontist of the late 18th century. He was the first to come up with a primitive orthodontic device on the linguistic side! Whether this reasonable contribution was appreciated to the development of the beautiful smile of a woman of fashion of those years, history is silent: the development of invisible orthodontics was seriously resumed only in the 70s of the last century.

In the United States, one employee of Playboy became the first owner of lingual braces. Because of her public position, she was forced to abandon the traditional metal and even transparent designs, preferring brackets-invisible.

The first generation of such structures was absolutely imperceptible externally, but bulky braces caused “feces of fiction”. It would be possible, of course, to think up a fairy tale for others like that you are learning a new role for your theater circle … However, this idea is not so universal. And suddenly you are completely deprived of acting talent?

Incognita. Only for you.

The developers of the individual bracket system Incognito took into account all the disadvantages of lingual brackets, having improved this technology to the maximum. New braces are simply created to be invisible: miniature, elegant and flat, they practically do not cause discomfort and speech disturbance.

The internal, lingual surface of the teeth is more individual and variable than the frontal one. That is why it is impossible to have standard lingual braces that would be suitable for all patients at once. The creation of the Incognito system is a painstaking work of jewelry, as the accuracy and miniature of every detail is important here.

First, for the manufacture of the bracket system, your orthodontist makes an exact cast of both jaws. From these casts in the laboratory of Germany with the help of high-precision computer technology, your individual set of brackets and arcs is manufactured. This accuracy ensures high quality of treatment. In addition, the habituation to such miniature brackets is much faster.

For the construction of Incognito designs, a gold alloy is used, and this ensures that there is no allergic reaction.

The individual bracket-system Incognito finally became available in Novosibirsk.

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