June 17, 2024

In beach make-up, protective cosmetics are much more important than decorative cosmetics

Make-up artists have a concept – beach make-up, but it has more to do with professional filming in the open air than to travel to “Boomerang” on Saturdays. Taking sun baths in the domestic mode is recommended without decorative cosmetics – clean skin tans evenly, without stains and irritations.

But the young ladies are so arranged that they can not go out to the beach, where the spiritual qualities go to the background, overshadowed by bodily invoices, where romantic acquaintances often happen, they can not be “ugly”, and consequently they apply cosmetics despite everything.

How to do it correctly, learned the correspondent of SE.

Do not get tired of repeating dermatologists and beauticians: protective cosmetics on the beach are more important than decorative, and if you get a sunburn, then no lipstick will not distract the view of others from the peeling red spout. In addition, the “fried” dried skin looks older – and who wants to add years to himself?

So, let’s talk about how to decorate yourself on the beach. Let’s start with protective measures.

Always at hand

Sunscreen should be taken with you – it is not enough to use it once before leaving home: “Do not forget that any remedy, even with a high protective factor, does not last more than two hours, after which it needs to be renewed,” recalls Ekaterina Lebedko, a cosmetologist center of beauty “Sante Estetic”. If the product is not waterproof, then apply it to the areas subject to burning, after each swim.

What protection factor to choose? In any case, on the beach it should be at least 15-20 for swarthy and prepared skin and about 30 for light people, says the beautician.

Protection factor below 15 is used in case of short stay in the sun, in urban conditions and people with already tanned dark skin. The face protection factor should be higher for a facial – it is on the face that the main “sunstroke” occurs.

By the way, Catherine warns that for the face and for the body you need to choose different means: do not blot entirely with the contents of one jar – facial and body creams differ in composition and can cause allergy in one area or another, or simply not act in the right measure.

Cream, lotion or butter take with them to the beach – depends on your personal preferences, the difference between the funds only in the texture. Not everyone likes the feeling that the skin is hot on the heat, besides, it is better not to use oil for the face skin – it is cumulogenous, clogs the pores. Degreased lotion is suitable for those who have oily skin, prone to inflammation, especially after exposure to the sun. Sunscreen helps everyone well.

Turn off color

Now let’s talk about how to decorate the protected skin. Means, which we mentioned above, should become the basis for make-up and even replace tonal creams and powder, at least it is recommended by Victoria Panafidina, the stylist-make-up artist of the studio “Uniton-Style”: “A dense layer of cosmetics on the skin can cause irritation and” flow “.

Shine on the face on the beach is acceptable, and vice versa – matte powdered skin will look in conditions close to natural, weird. You can tint your eyes using waterproof mascara and eyeliner – even if you are not going to dive, in the heat, ordinary mascara often begins to flow and smear.

“Cream blush and shadows in the sun look very nice, but you need to remember that they easily slide down,” warns Svetlana Dunaeva, the top stylist of the model agency Status. “Therefore, it is better to use natural, light colors, the violation of the integrity of the layer will not be so noticeable. ”

In general, the use of bright, unnatural evening shades in beach make-up is not appropriate – painted dolls who came not to frolic in the sun and enjoy life, but, pressing their lips tightly, dodging splashes, I want to wash and persuade to relax. Natural nude makeup shades will help to look good and “unadorned”.

The lips deserve special mention. They too can get burnt, especially since they do not have sebaceous glands to protect the delicate skin.

“It is better to use shine or lip balm on the beach,” warns Panafidina. – Colorless or natural berry shades. ”Matte thick lipstick dark colors, of course, on the beach is not the place.

What to do when you come back from the beach? It is good to cleanse the face, take a shower and moisten the skin properly on the whole body. In a series of solar funds most often there is a cream after sunbath, it would not be superfluous to use it. Or any moisturizer – on the skin of the body it can be applied several times a day. Although we have a short summer, do not go to the beach as a job and spend eight hours in the sun.

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