Impress your lady friend with how chocolate is made

This tiny flower is the where every piece of chocolate you’ve ever consumed comes from. The flowers grow on the large branches of the cocoa tree and develops into brightly colored cocoa pods.

These are the cocoa pods growing on a tree in Grenada.

The pods develop in several different colors.

Inside each pod is a white pulp that surrounds anywhere from 25-50 cocoa beans. Looks like Jeeb City.

Here we have the cocoa beans surrounded by their sweet white pulp.

The cocoa bean comes in a variety of colors just like the pods.

After harvesting, the beans are removed from the pods, pulp and all.

After a fermentaion period of about 5 days, the beans are then laid out in the sun to dry for another 10 days.

After drying, the beans are packed into burlap sacks and shipped to chocolate makers all over the world.

When the beans arrive to the chocolate maker they are sorted individually by hand.

Then into the roaster the beans go.

After roasting, beans pass through a contraption like this. This machine breaks the beans and vacuums the shells away leaving tiny nibs.

Cocoa nibs ready for grinding.

The nibs are then added to a cocoa melanger which consists of large granite wheels rotating on a granite base. This is when the sugar, milk and flavorings are added as well.

After about two days of stirring, the batter becomes rich, smooth and creamy.

The chocolate is then ready to be poured out.

Finally a quick tempering to give the chocolate a smooth glossy finish.

The finished product!

Remember now, with great knowledge comes great responsibly, use this knowledge wisely.

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