June 19, 2024

I’m Not Sure What a «Fembot» Phase Is, But Ariana Grande Is Apparently In One

After all these years, Ariana Grande still has certain elements of her beauty style that make up her signature look, like winged liner, a high, sleek ponytail, and lots of tattoos. But that doesn’t mean she can’t break away from the norm every now and then. And from the looks of it, that’s exactly what she’s doing.

I'm Not Sure What a Fembot Phase Is But Ariana Grande Is Apparently In One — See Photo

After lots of posts to her Instagram Stories about the R. E. M. Beauty Sweetener Foundation pop-up shop in New York City, Grande added a seemingly unrelated slide: a boomerang of herself with the caption, «Going through an intense ‘fembot’ phase over here. » Now, the first thing I think of when I see the word «fembot» is the the army of big-haired, pink-negligee’d fembots from the Austin Powers franchise, but Grande’s take on the term is much different.

The fembot look, according to Grande and her tagged makeup artist Michael Anthony, involves decidedly noticeable contouring and highlighting. But while the contouring is strong under Grande’s cheekbones, the highlighter is actually strongest not atop the cheekbones, but rather a few centimeters below her brow. Look at that reflective stroke! Grande’s skin is also quite brightened under the eye area, her lips are a glossy rosy-mauve, and there’s an ever-so-subtle winged shape to her eye makeup.

It’s unclear which products were used for the fembot look, but when Anthony reposted the clip, «Wait till you guys see what we’ve been up to! ! ! » Sounds like there may be some new R. E. M. launches coming down the pipeline, no?

Despite Grande’s use of «phase» suggesting that this a short-term shift to a new look, I couldn’t help but notice that it conveniently includes winged liner, a high, sleek ponytail, and lots of tattoos. So Ariana Grande will clearly always be Ariana Grande, no matter how she may switch it up.

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