April 20, 2024

I’m a beauty editor and this £7. 99 hydrating foundation is my new go-to

It’s the question I’m asked most as a beauty editor: what’s the best budget foundation? My heart goes out to the makeup consumers of this world who have to spend a substantial amount of hard-earned money finding a complexion enhancer that delivers on its promise.

I’m lucky enough to receive new beauty launches in the post most days in the hope I’ll write about them, but in the interest of transparency, I couldn’t afford to buy most of them – makeup is expensive, right? And to top it off, the number of products I try once then pass on to a friend is staggering, so how would I feel if I’d spent upwards of £20 on it? Gutted, that’s what. And the product I use once then pass on the most? Foundation.

Sure, it’s often down to not finding the right colour match. A formula can be great, but if a brand hasn’t quite nailed your specific shade (a problem more common for those with darker skin, but still a potential issue for all skin tones), then there’s no working around it. That said, brands have upped their game considerably over the last few years, with the likes of Uoma, Fenty, L’Oréal Paris and Pat McGrath all focusing their efforts on formulating foundations that cater for a refreshingly-diverse selection of undertones.

With the cost of living an inescapable reality for us all, I assumed “indulgent” beauty purchases (I call it self-care, but hey) would be the first cull from people’s shopping baskets. But, in a recent survey by Clarins Beauty Daily, 92% of Brits revealed they would consider more affordable beauty alternatives before removing products from their beauty routine completely. So, are high-street brands set to overtake the luxe division in the fight for your pennies?

Let me get the ball rolling with the best budget foundation I’ve come across – the brand new, medium-coverage Collection Cosmetics Hydra Serum Foundation.

Collection Cosmetics Hydra Serum Foundation

It honestly felt like the stars had aligned when I applied a face-full of this silky, glow-giving base. It’s infused with hero hydrators hyaluronic acid and glycerine, plus antioxidant soothers vitamin E and vitamin B5. Because it’s choc full of skincare ingredients, I assumed it would  disappear by midday. It didn’t, and not only did it stay on all day, but my skin still had that healthy, dewy finish that suggested I get a lot more sleep than I actually do.

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