I’ll have a whiskey, straight up please

Every year my sister Emily Mercedes, a professional artist, releases one big themed art collection. This year’s theme: Whiskey. Today she’s releasing her Whiskey Collection in collaboration with our July Chive Box, the Whiskey Box.

ill have a whiskey straight up please 7 photos 6 Ill have a whiskey, straight up please (8 Photos)

It took a month to carefully select the 15 whiskey bottles to paint, and the result is something special.

Most importantly, depending on which piece of art you receive in your CHIVE Box, you could be on your way to Austin, Texas, for our biggest weekend of the year.

ill have a whiskey straight up please 7 photos 7 Ill have a whiskey, straight up please (8 Photos)

Even if you don’t win, you still win. Every single box contains a 5×7 signed print of one of these four whiskeys – Whistle Pig, Jack, Bulleitt Rye, or Tullamore DEW – along with a ton of drinking glasses, rocks, gear, and t-shirts. We went overboard with the July Box. Every box has at least $100 in value. This box is our most valuable ever. And for only $65.

And then there’s this, the original 11×14 painting of Bulleit Rye. If this painting shows up at your home or apartment with your whiskey box, you and your best friend are about to go wheels off…

If you get the OG painting, we will fly you and your friend to Austin, Texas, June 29 – July 1st for an entire weekend of events hosted by theCHIVE. We’ll cover all costs.

Friday you will join myself, my sister, brother, Mac, and our Chivettes for a special whiskey tasting at the whiskey bar at Gatsby South. There’s not that many photos of the whiskey bar, this was the only one I could find. You’ll spend your evening drinking the finest whiskeys ever crafted in very good company. (Sign up to win right here)

The next day, there’s another party at Gatsby South, and it easily our biggest and best. It’s our annual 4th of July Party. Once you shake off your whiskey hangover, you’ll be going to that one as well. Our 4th Party can really only be compared to Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, except back in the early 90’s when it was still good. Clothing optional.

Sign up to win a whiskey-soaked weekend with theCHIVE RIGHT HERE!

If you already have theCHIVE Box, you are qualified.

There are also two second place winners. One of will receive the original Jack Daniels 8×10 painting, signed and the other 2nd place winner will receive the original Whistle Pig Boss Hog, both will arrive framed.

Finally, ten 3rd place winners will receive the entire 16×20 Whiskey Collection, framed and signed!

If you want to give your dad something he’ll love this father’s day, prints of Emily’s Whiskey Collection are available right here. You can even buy prints of your favorite individual bottles!

Emily’s Instagram!

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