Logomania nail art is taking over Instagram

Beauty has always been a great way to buy into the exclusive world of luxury fashion houses without breaking the bank. Can’t afford a Chanel hand bag? No problem, there’s a Chanel lipstick with your name on it. Still saving up for a pair of Celine sunglasses?

Tide yourself over with a spritz of their new fragrance range.

Now, beauty buffs are taking the pursuit of designer labels one step further, incorporating the logos of their favourite luxury brands onto nails for a DIY designer look.

The most popular logos gracing the nails of Instagrammers include the classic interlocking C’s of Chanel’s logo, as well as the tri-colour Gucci stripe and Fendi’s distinctive emblem.

While some nail art designers are using the logos to create an accent nail on an otherwise neutral or negative space manicure, others are going all out bling and boujee, painting logos on every finger and sometimes going so far as to add on jewels and other 3D effects.

And although the artful designs may take a lot of practice and require a high level of concentration (not to mention a steady hand), it’s a relatively easy way of showing your affiliation to a certain designer.

Opinion is split on whether the trend is chic or cheap, with critics claiming that it devalues and cheapens the brands while advocates insist that it’s a great way to democratise luxury and have a little harmless fun experimenting with beauty. What do you think of the burgeoning trend?

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