Ikea’s New Furniture For Pets Is So Cute We’re Drooling

This one’s for you, pet lovers: Ikea is rolling out an adorable furniture line designed specifically for your furry friends. Because, yes, your dog needs a comfy couch.

The collection is called Lurving, which is Swedish for hairy, and it’s currently available in stores across five countries: Japan, France, Canada, the United States, and Portugal (Algarve).

According to Ikea’s webiste, the pet product range was created by pet-loving designers with help from veterinarians so “you and your pet can enjoy your home together.” The line includes the couch shown above, plus plush beds, scratching mats, cat houses, slow-feed bowls, and so much more.

And in true Ikea fashion, all of the items are pretty affordable – the most expensive of the bunch being the cat house on legs, which costs less than $55. What we can’t promise you, though: Easy assembly.

Keep scrolling to see more aw-inducing items from the collection, then check out the catalog or find a store near you to shop. The items are not for sale online yet, but you can save them to your shopping list for later purchase.

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