July 23, 2024

If you suffer from addiction, beware of the catalogs of cosmetics and credit cards

Our ancient ancestors did not know what shopping is. However, their studies were in fact little different from modern shoppers. Hunting and gathering – the basic principles of this shopper – run through a pile of shops in search of a victim and bring a couple of bags and three topics to your cave to replenish the collection.

Some primitive instincts capture so much that it is difficult to get out of the intricate network of bright storefronts. Where is the line between addiction to shopping and a pleasant pastime? Why do crowds of girls besiege stores when they do not need anything? All this was clarified by the correspondent of SE.

Oniomania, or shopaholism – an obsession to make purchases, regardless of their cost and necessity. Shopoholism is already called the dependence of the XXI century. Many people do not take it seriously, like alcoholism in its time.

However, shop dependency is gaining momentum. A huge number of people go shopping to take off stress, raise self-esteem or simply have nothing to do. Shopotherapy solves any problems and corrects any mood. When a woman is ill, she eats or goes shopping.

Yes, among women there are more shopaholics than men. But a strong half of humanity also likes to make purchases – the only difference is that the pair of shoes does not raise the masculine mood. Unlike a car, an LCD TV or a laptop.

What is the manifestation of shopaholism?

Psychologists have revealed a number of signs that distinguish obsessive buyers from ordinary lovers.

Desire to make a purchase under stress. Irritation and loneliness go away as soon as you step over the threshold of the store. Getting into the world of samplers, beads and panties, you feel happy. You know this and from time to time come to the store for a regular dose of euphoria.
Lack of control over expenses. Where did all the money go? You yourself do not know. They just fly off to bits and pieces. Of course, there is no question of spending planning here.
Jokes or anxiety from relatives. Your husband is always making fun of you, and your mother is seriously concerned about the amount of time and money you spend shopping.
Spontaneous shopping trips. You actually were going to see a doctor and go straight home. But then they decided to walk and found a shopping center, where they spent three times more time than in the doctor’s office.
Your house is like a warehouse. It seems that you buy everything that you like, without thinking about the expediency of buying. In your kitchen, there are eggs, yogurt, sandwich and electronic can opener. And in the wardrobe you can find ten pairs of shoes and eight white blouses. Needless to say, most of this wealth is dusted around.
Your purchases are the cause of many problems. The husband does not understand how it was possible to spend so much money, the chief makes remarks for being late from dinner, and put it back on the car and did not work.

What is the reason for shop dependency?

Packed bags with branded logos are nothing more than protection. Often they hide behind themselves a low self-esteem, loneliness and deep complexes. These problems almost always go back to childhood – they do not receive approval from their parents and can not express their feelings openly, these children do not feel important. Becoming adults, they try to compensate for this through purchases.

Sometimes people become shopwomen who have suffered severe privations. This is especially true for Russia – not having a choice in childhood, many make up for lost time in adulthood. According to one of the polls, 70% of Russians enjoy the process of shopping. Foreigners are surprised at how Russian women spend a significant part of their salaries on clothing and cosmetics, often with premium products.

Oniomania has the same mechanisms as alcoholism and drug addiction. Unable to deal with life’s troubles, conflicts in the family, the woman goes … to the store. Buying beautiful clothes and ornaments, she not only gives herself pleasure, but also proves to the surrounding world that she really deserves these things.

Do not underestimate the role of society. In the modern ideology of glamor, you need to earn as much money as possible in order to spend as much money as possible. Bright advertising, billboards and credit cards serve as a magic pipe, after hearing the music of which we, like rats, walk confidently to colorful signs.

How to deal with excessive spending?

If you notice that shopping trips give you problems and inconveniences, it’s time to think seriously. Your life, like shopping bags, is in your hands. The first thing to do is to study your budget. You do not control your expenses? Ask the opinion of relatives or friends, are you spending too much? It is better to solve the problem at the initial stage, not allowing it to grow to an incredible size.

• Before you go to the store, make a shopping list. It must include the things you need. If you are weak in grocery supermarkets, be sure to eat before going there. On an empty stomach you will gain more than you need.
• Get rid of cosmetics or clothing catalogs. Sitting on the couch, reading colorful descriptions, you will spend more money than you would like, and as a result buy something that you do not need.
• Do not use credit cards to pay for purchases – they do not allow you to feel the costs. Bring as much money as you need throughout the day, no more.

• Try to analyze what exactly you are trying to cover up the hikes in the store. Low self-esteem, family problems, depression? It is better to work on the problem directly, rather than go in a roundabout way, misleading yourself.
• If you can postpone your purchase, do so. Perhaps in 24 hours you will understand that this bag, which you are now going crazy, you do not need.

However, if the hour walks around the shopping center do not cause you problems, this is okay – sometimes you can afford what you like. The desire to buy a new bag will not lead to a terrible mental illness. True, if this dress is the fifteenth, be careful. As Benjamin Franklin said, a small leak can sink a large ship.

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