If you need help smiling, we’ve got you

This man spent his NYE comforting the dog from the fireworks.

Mama and her babies.

This is what a Swan hug looks like!

Listening to the sound of the heartbeat of their son who had passed away.

Dad enjoying his Christmas gift.

“My daughter got a Walmart gift card for Christmas, and she chose the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book instead of toys.”

“This is a portrait drawing I made for my Grandma. My Grandpa unexpectedly passed away last month so I wanted to surprise her for Christmas:)”

“My parents were neighbors when they were 4. They both moved away and found each other again in high school. They have been with each other for 52 years.”

“The look my daughter gave me when I told her “That’s enough ice cream!””

“Handsome Rescue Dogs first Christmas.”

“Three couples, three years, four little surprises.”

“Every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mom to wake up on this view.”

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