If You Don’t Know Grey’s New Hot Doctor, You Need to Watch More Early ’00s Television

Many achingly handsome fellows have steamed up the sterile hospital walls of Grey Sloan, and now there’s another dashing doctor in town, set to be played by the endlessly sexy Chris Carmack.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s showrunners haven’t disclosed too much information about Carmack’s recurring role yet, though. From what fans know, he’ll play an “Ortho God” in the series’ 15th season. We’re definitely excited to see how his part unfolds in the show, since he’s early 2000s TV royalty after all.

Viewers might not know a lot about Carmack’s upcoming role, but they’ve probably seen him before. He’s no stranger when it comes to the small screen. If you binged teen soaps in the early 2000s, you’ll recognize him as none other than The O.C.‘s Luke Ward, Marissa Cooper’s sun-kissed, brutish boyfriend on the water polo team. This character would leave its mark on the actor’s career, as he continued to play oafish false romantic leads in goofy TV movies like Lovewrecked and Beauty the Briefcase.

The typecasting wouldn’t be a permanent trend, fortunately. Now, Carmack is best known for his role as the sweet, charming Will Lexington on the country musical series Nashville. Carmack has also occasionally dabbled in serious leading roles in thriller movies, including Into the Blue 2: The Reed and The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations.

Just in case you’ve forgotten where you’ve seen him before, here are Carmack’s most noteworthy roles throughout the years.

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