April 20, 2024

If you do not eliminate sleep disturbances, no diet will help you lose weight

The sign of masculinity was evidently snoring only in the days of Ilya of Murom. Today, men who make loud noises in the night are not listed. And if a woman snores, you can talk about a catastrophe.

Modern propaganda of a healthy lifestyle calls for getting rid of unpleasant sounds, because snoring is not only unpleasant, but can be dangerous. Where does it come from and what to do with it, the correspondent of SE explained.

Symptom of the hero

Snoring is a phenomenon that occurs due to the disruption of nasal breathing and the vibration of the soft tissues of the respiratory tract during sleep. If their tone is insufficient, there is a violation of the direct flow of air, there is a swirl, vibration and snoring as an acoustic phenomenon. This can happen during a deep sleep after alcoholic libations (remember, how snoring drunks are? ) Or, for example, if a person is very tired (probably from there went the expression about heroic snoring).

And of course, the tone decreases with age – the elderly snore more often young. By the way, smoking people are more at risk of making noise at night – due to the constant effect of smoke on the muscles of the larynx: they become rough, the tone decreases, the snoring progresses. Nasal breathing can be disturbed if there is swelling from the inflammation or, for example, if you have a nasal septum from childhood.

According to statistics, up to 75 percent of men snore. Women are luckier: they snore no more than 5 percent.

According to doctors, men have anatomically less clearance of the respiratory tract, in addition, the male hormone testosterone is a respiratory depressant, and progesterone is a female hormone, on the contrary, it stimulates the respiratory function. Because of hormonal changes with age, the proportion varies: women begin to snore more often, and men – less often.

Risky dream

By itself, snoring is not a disease. “The so-called primary snoring is dangerous only for others, because they can not fall asleep. Serious concern of doctors with this problem is due to the fact that snoring can be a symptom of the so-called apnea-night respiratory arrest, “says Vladimir Beletsky, MD, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category, director of the Doctor Lor network.

Sleep disorders, according to the doctor-somnologist of the clinic of the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Sergei Yarosh, suffer no more than 24 percent of snoring, but this is a very dangerous phenomenon: breath retardation (and repeated) can reach two minutes, and this is fraught with even a fatal outcome.

Not always snoring is a sign of the disease, but if it is accompanied by a weight exceeding the norm, then it is worth seriously thinking. The greater the mass of the body, the greater the risk of apnea, in addition, obesity and nocturnal breathing stops mutually aggravate each other. On the one hand, if a person is fat, fatty deposits are present on his stomach (this makes breathing difficult) and neck (narrowing the lumen of the respiratory tract). But there is also an inverse relationship: because of sleep disorders, a person stops producing some hormones. For example, a somatotropic hormone, which is responsible for removing fat from the fat stores of the body.

If you do not eliminate sleep disturbances, no diet will help you lose weight

“In apnea, a person does not have deep stages of sleep, when a growth hormone must be produced. If you do not eliminate sleep disturbances, no diet will help a person lose weight, “says Sergei Yarosh, a somnologist.

In addition, he notes the interdependence of apnea and high blood pressure: “In sleep, because of apnea, there is no rest of the sympathetic nervous system, the body is constantly in a state of stress, and the pressure does not decrease, as it should at night. There is a vicious circle: increased pressure, increased weight, sleep disturbances. ”

Detect and neutralize

The snoring is useful not to be lonely: as doctors say, a person rarely wakes up from his own snoring. However, you can follow indirect signs, for example, constant daytime drowsiness with normal rest duration (this is because there are no deep sleep stages during apnea), frequent night wakes from nightmares, morning breakdown.

The first thing is to visit the ENT doctor. According to Igor Pantyukh, head of the ENT department of the Road Clinical Hospital, the restoration of nasal breathing in the treatment of pathologies often helps to get rid of snoring. Sometimes an operation is shown, for example, correction of the nasal septum or removal of enlarged palatine tonsils.

Some clinics offer conservative treatment of snoring, for example, a special hardware effect for pulling loose muscle. However, even here they do not promise 100% effectiveness, everything depends on sex, age, concomitant symptoms.

Conservative treatment of snoring, medical center “LORIYA”: 3000 rub. for a course of 10 sessions.

There is a special operation of soft palate plastic, which also relieves snoring. It is aimed at causing a partial scarring of the sky, and it became more rigid and did not vibrate.

Plastic soft palate, Road Clinical Hospital – about 5200 rubles.

If you do not eliminate sleep disturbances, no diet will help you lose weight

Doctors however warn that this operation is not shown to everyone and is not effective for everyone. In addition, it is completely useless until a person sheds weight: in England, for example, doctors do not undertake such an operation until the patient loses weight. “With a 10% reduction in body weight, the risk of apnea decreases by 50 percent,” comments Sergey Yarosh.

Serious cases of apnea are no longer laur, and a somnologist – after a special night sleep study (at the Research Institute of Physiology of the SB RAS will cost 4,700 rubles). The patient, if dangerous violations are detected, treatment with special breathing apparatus is prescribed, the so-called CIPAP-therapy.

But the various devices for self-use, as well as special pills that allegedly relieve snoring, experts consider profanity.

After all, it is not easy even for a doctor to find out the true reason and from the first time to choose the right therapy. Especially not relevant here are “tips experienced”. Meanwhile, doctors do not deny the benefits of simple recommendations that can be performed at home. The main thing is to provide yourself with a comfortable sleep. Unlearning sleep on the back, because some cases of snoring are position-dependent. If there are problems with ENT organs (and today it is common all the time), regularly carry out treatment without waiting for complications, use inhalers and essential oils to facilitate breathing.

Be attentive to your loved ones: maybe snoring and snoring at the right time at night and hinder not your love, but only sleep. Be sensitive in this matter: do not waste your energy on nagging and reproaches, but rather solve the problem together. It’s a matter of your health, too.

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