June 21, 2024

If you decided on the Brazilian hair removal, forget about bashfulness

Women in the East have been getting rid of hair in the intimate area for centuries, but this type of hair removal is called not the Iranian, but the Brazilian epilation. Why did it happen?

The thing is that it was the Brazilians who offered the Americans to experience new sensations by removing hair in this zone. Fashion has come to us – today more and more girls agree to deep epilation. She learned about how and why to do it.

In New York in 1987, seven sisters from Brazil – Josley, Joyce, Janey, Giussar, Zhdurasi, Judsey and Jonis Padil – founded the J Sisters International salon in Manhattan. Thanks to them, the world learned that in Brazil, where girls wear not just swimsuits, but literally scraps of cloth instead of them, hair removal is done just like that. European and American ladies not only did not care about what the intimate zone looks like, but the hair was removed only in the “bikini zone”, that is, in the area where they look out of panties. Here, it was proposed to remove all the hair – not only on the pubic area, but also in the intimate zone. What for?

“Brazilian hair removal helps to feel sexy and fashionable,” says the youngest of the sisters, Jonis. “Without her I do not even want to make love with my own husband. ” Indeed, the aggravation of sexual sensations can be explained by the fact.

However, how dangerous is this from the point of view of the physiology and hygiene of the genital organs? According to Elena Anatolievna Milyukova, gynecologist of the medical center “Ecopark”, there is no physiological harm from complete depilation of the genital organs:

“Many peoples have been removing hair in this zone for centuries and doing it for hygienic reasons. Nature provided them as protection, when there was no laundry. Now such protection is not required. ”

But what about the security of the removal methods? Let’s consider the basic.

Resolving the issue

The simplest is shaving. A good method is that it is always available, it is bad that the hair begins to break through the next day, and from constant shaving they become stiffer and darker, and growing, they give discomfort in the most sensitive area. The cream is also used, but many refuse it, because it irritates the mucous membrane.

“Laser hair removal, unlike other methods, removes hair forever, without stimulating hair growth,” says Elena Aleksandrovna Vlasova, dermatologist-cosmetologist, Zdravitsa. – The time spent on the procedure depends on the depth of the bikini (bikini line – from 30 minutes, deep bikini – from 75 minutes). To achieve the effect, it is necessary to conduct at least 3 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks. ” However, this method is quite expensive – from 2000 rubles per procedure.

But again, in terms of the cost of wax strips and razors, which we spend even a year, can make and forget more profitable. However, the way that the Brazilian offered, and remains the most in demand so far.

Checked in Brazil

The most popular way, resorted to by girls who seriously decided that Brazilian hair removal is what they need for a quality life, – bioepilation, or waxing.

Those who decide to do this procedure in the salon, you need to forget about bashfulness – a session of the posed poses and insecurity resembles a visit to a gynecologist.

A good method is that after removal of the hair, you do not have to worry for about three weeks, and subsequently they grow thin and light. Epilation is done either with warm wax – it is removed with paper strips, or hot, which stiffens on the skin and is removed by hand.

“There is no question of entering the infection,” Dinara Lisova, a beautician at the Beauty and Health Center Leleia, is sure. – All appliances are disposable. But there are restrictions: two days after the procedure you can not visit the sauna, swimming pool, swim on the beach, wear narrow underwear – the follicles are still open, and it is better not to expose them to the risk of infection from outside. ”

You can and you can not

Contraindications are any skin rashes in the groin area, the days of the cycle do not matter, although it is said that the tenth day after the onset of menstruation is the most suitable for those who are afraid of pain – it is minimal. In general, soreness is an important problem in bioepilation. Of course, the intimate zone is more sensitive than the same legs, whose epilation does not bring pleasure. But discomfort can be experienced: “The more regular the procedure, the less painful it becomes – the hair grows thin, it’s easier to break out,” says cosmetologist Dinara Lisova.

In addition to soreness, girls are concerned about the problem of ingrown hairs: after mechanical removal, hair tends to change its growth angle, parallel to the skin and grows into it, forming pseudofollicles that are prone to suppuration. In the depth of the intimate zone, this usually does not happen – there the skin is very tender, but in the bikini and pubic area it can happen. Knowing about this danger, it is almost immediately after – a few days after the procedure – to start regularly using soft exfoliating agents in the field of hair removal to thin the skin and clean the follicles, giving the hair the opportunity to break out.

Epilation of the feet at home with wax strips is mastered by many and works well in it. Is it so easy to carry out hair removal procedures in the intimate zone on your own at home? You can try, but there are two big questions, which, perhaps, will make you think – is it necessary? “First of all, it’s difficult to remove hair in the intimate zone purely mechanically, if only because you need to stretch the skin especially, and because you will not be able to see them all,” the cosmetologist shares. –

Secondly, as it turns out, morally a few are willing to hurt themselves, and can not make the right efforts, thereby traumatizing the skin. ”

Bioepilation intimate zone, salon “Leley” – from 800 rubles. , Salon “Scarlett” – from 900 rubles.
Electrolysis, salon “Alliance-studio” – 10 rubles per 1 minute of work.

If everyone agrees that hair in the bikini zone, especially in the beach season, is simply necessary to remove, then the question – whether to agree or not to deep hair removal – is to be decided not only by you, but also by coordinating it with your sexual partner. Now this procedure is becoming more popular and popular, and it is quite possible that soon “Brazilian” hair removal in Russia will become the same norm as in Brazil.

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