If you could leave one legacy, what would it be? Photos

The other day I asked what lasting legacy people would most wish to leave (if money no were object), and as always your answers brought a big smile to my face.

Here are a few of my favorites…

Foundation for single fathers to help them get on feet after divorce..

Free ice cream on every corner

A cure for all STD’s!

Perpetual energy with the plans released freely to the public.


I would throw money at viable replacements for fossil fuels. Clean , safe , and replenishable energy that every human could access.

Space Elevator. 110%

Abolishing Fortnight!

An end to animal cruelty

To stop being such a snowflake and crying over everything. It’s called life.

To be able to teach people how to change their outlook on bad situations and see the good in any aspect of life.

Revamping our political system so that all political positions were unpaid, voluntary, and short term. Perhaps there would be more listening and less pocket lining…

Abolishment of Taxation

It’s corny but my legacy is my two daughters. I hope to instill in them a greatness to make a change in the world even if it’s a small one.

A giant 500 foot tall 65 ft wide Dildo!

Promoting education for education’s sake, not to get a job with a gigantic salary.

Children not going hungry every night anywhere in the world.

A four day work week so families can be together again.

Photo by Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (5880684m) Fred Gwynne

Return Harambe from the grave.

Be the 10%

Never ending random acts of kindness

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