If suncream makes you break out you need to read this

Ah, summertime memories: a bucket and spade, ice cream dribbling down your chin and splashing around in paddling pools. Nothing but good times. Except bloody sun cream.

That stuff would be aggressively smothered on whether you liked it or not, leaving your face chalky and sticky and your eyes burning like a mofo if you went swimming in it. (That pain though!)

The good news is that things have changed. Now, sun creams are specifically formulated for that beautiful thing you call a face.

In fact, if you’ve been using your body sun cream across your schnoz, forehead and God knows what else, this could be the cause of your breakouts. Would you use your body lotion as your serum? Of course not!

Face sun creams use soothing and repairing ingredients found in skincare, making them long-lasting, non-stinging, and sometimes even good enough to wear instead of makeup. And, importantly, they offer your precious skin mega protection. Sheer and non-clogging, these babies are not just for the beach, but for every damn day.

We’ve tried and tested the best of the best, in a range of textures and protection levels just for you. So, if you’re already using one, bravo, but if not, now’s the time to start…

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