If after a workout you feel hungry, then this load is not enough

In summer, you want to eat less, and the weight paradoxically melts without much effort. This gives one lady a reason to relax, while others – on the contrary, a powerful incentive to take the bull by the horns and begin, at last, active attempts to bring oneself to perfect form.

That’s just a stuffy gym for this few will consider a good option.On that to us and summer: to put ourselves in order in the fresh air.Let’s talk today about the most popular trainings.

I will drive a bicycle for a long time …

This kind of movement is not in vain considered the most harmless to the environment and the most beneficial to health, and also represents an ideal opportunity to lose weight. An hour of driving burns at least 500 kilocalories. Making visits to the two-wheeled friend, you train your blood vessels perfectly (which is useful for knowledge workers who suffer from headaches), get rid of excess centimeters on the hips and makes work easy, saturating the body with oxygen.

What is important is that cycling has no contraindications, but ideally forms a firm buttocks, calves improves relief and eliminates cellulite with piquant places.Departures should be regular and fairly long – at least half an hour. 

At the same time, it is desirable to gradually increase the load, moving beyond the main highways.

Andrei Smykov, consultant store “Trial-Sport”, notes that most of the good bicycles of the average level fit into the cost of 10-13 thousand rubles. In general, a woman when choosing a bicycle is advised to seek help from a male friend, it may be necessary to apply later – to ask him to pull him out into the street. The lighter the model of a bicycle, the more expensive it is, and therefore it is very useful to have a strong male shoulder for fragile inches.

Skates on wheels

Roller riding is primarily a drive. The pleasure derived from the developed speed of movement is the main “hobby” of this sport. “Roller skating loads the cardiovascular system well, but it does not give a shock load, like, for example, running. In this case, all muscle groups are trained, the main thing is not to get injured or develop too much speed if you are not sure of your coordination, “says orthopedic traumatologist Denis Evmenov.

To avoid injuries, as well as before any load, it is very useful to perform warm-up – a small complex of simple exercises (walking, squats, lunges, slopes, turns, rotation in the joints). And to get the effect of losing weight, you need to roll around on rollers at least 3-4 times a week and at least an hour.

Do not buy heaped model inline skates, if you are not sure you will not lose interest in skating after the first fall (this happens without fail, and happily, if it be the last). But too much to save – also not an option: most likely, you just throw money away, such products are often broken and expensive to repair. As Andrey Smykov has told, the price of rollers of an initial level and good quality starts from 3500 rubles. It is advisable to invest in protection (on average around 1000), for especially cowardly – to buy a helmet (another 1500).

Although, as the consultants admit, this type of protection of the most valuable body is not popular, especially among women.

A lot of tennis

A truly aristocratic sport: what kind of woman does not dream of being in the image of a tennis player in a short skirt. In fact, everything is more prosaic:

“Tennis develops the musculature of the shoulder girdle, endurance, but in terms of health and physical development, tennis is not a priority sport. 

At children during formation can cause asymmetric development of a trunk “, – Denis Evmenov considers. He adds that tennis can not be practiced by people with dislocations and problem joints. And agrees that tennis is loved precisely for its competitive, game component. Tennis fans note that this kind of sport develops purposefulness and contributes to concentration of attention, and also removes stress perfectly. The ability to achieve the goal – a very useful quality in life, in the case of weight loss, among other things.

If you decide to learn how to use a racket, be prepared for a big waste: for an hour of play you will have to pay up to 1000 rubles in a closed court and up to 500 – in the open (sports club “Tennis Academy”). However, the administrator of the club notes that it is impossible to name this kind of sport in the pure form – the occupancy of the halls is the highest in winter, and some people come two or three times a week.

I’ll run away from you …

Running is an excellent aerobic exercise that increases the threshold of endurance, positively affects the cardiovascular system and helps burn excess fat, and also increases the overall energy of the body. All cells are better provided with nutrients, strengthens the immune system and improves skin tone. Strengthening the musculature of the legs and improving metabolism helps prevent and eliminate cellulite.

Unfortunately, there are contra-indications for running. These are some diseases of the cardiovascular system (some cures – others will cripple, so be sure to consult a doctor). Love for the heels – also a kind of contraindication: as orthopedists note, in the hairpin lovers after trying to go for a walk or to walk in sneakers, the legs hurt greatly: this is due to the fact that the muscles of the ankle are constantly in tension, spasm. And for running, developed tendons are needed. And with a sharp attempt to improve your health, you will get nothing but pain. And one more important point: runners are not in vain called fans of their favorite sport.

As Denis Evmenov tells, regular running runs rebuild the work of the heart and endocrine system, and if you suddenly stop doing it, you will get a serious blow to your health. So the slogans that running is the best and universal training, do not correspond to the truth. 

If you decide to run seriously, then you should do this constantly and regularly, and gradually increase the load: starting from running-walking and ending with a forty-minute run three times a week. Better yet, get used to walking. Fast walking at a pace does not create an overload, gently trains immunity and all body systems, in addition, provides prevention of varicose veins and increases overall endurance.

Whatever you do, it’s worth remembering that any training should be intense and intense – such that after it you want to come and go to bed. The trainers note that if a person has not worked, after training he will receive only the effect of nagging appetite and eventually eat more than he has spent. It’s a familiar feeling, is not it?

Be active and healthy!

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