5 Kinds of Anxiety Disorders Caused by Narcissistic Abuse

There are big chances that you will develop the Stockholm syndrome according to trauma bonding with the abuser. If and when the trauma bond forms then a few things happen.

For instance, if you are sane and healthy, you will trust your own ears and eyes as well as sanity.  If you catch your partner cheating they might blame you for it.

Your abuser might convince you that they love you in their own way, and the worst of it all is that you might believe them. If you believe them, then most likely you are already living with heightened forms of pervasive social anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

When it comes to social abuse the most common targets are those who are highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent individuals, prone to act as humanists. Those people of lesser social means (less socially influential and powerful) are also targets.

If in your home abuse is prevalent you should expect for your self-conception to suffer and your health to decline. Being told you are the issue for reacting to abuse tends to cause your self-identity to suffer.

In case you aren’t sure whether you overreact to it or you are justified in being upset when you are cheated on, molested, lied to or are beaten.. your body and mind are facing signs of extreme C-PTSD.

Below you will see a list of different types of anxiety disorders. These are the most common types which are caused by narcissistic abuse.

5 Kinds of Anxiety Disorders Caused by Narcissistic Abuse

Types of Anxiety Disorders Caused by Narcissistic Abuse

#1 Agoraphobia, this is a kind of anxiety disorder in which you avoid and fear situations and places which might make you to panic and feel you embarrassed, trapped or helpless.

#2 Anxiety disorder because of a medical condition involves signs of intense anxiety or panic directly caused by physical health issue.

#3 Generalized anxiety disorder involves excessive and persistent worry and anxiety about events or activities, even ordinary, everyday issues.Usually, the worry is out of proportion to the actual circumstance, it’s hard to impact and control the way you feel physically.

Often, it happens along with depression and anxiety disorders.

#4 Panic disorder it includes repeated episodes of sudden emotions of intense fear, terror or anxiety that occurs within a couple of minutes (panic attacks.)

You might have emotions of impending doom, chest pain, shortness of breath, or rapid, pounding heart i.e. heart palpitations.

Such panic attacks might lead to worrying about them occurring again and so avoid specific situations and events in which they have happened.

#5 Social phobia or social anxiety disorder included high levels of anxiety, avoidance and fear of social situations because of concern of being judged, feelings of embarrassment, concern of being viewed negatively by others, or self-consciousness.

You should know one thing and that is that you aren’t alone when it comes to suspecting being around toxic people who are bad for your mental health.

You should know that verbal assault might cause neurological damage to that part of the brain where the complex emotional reasoning centers are located. And where the organ function is medically depleted by the fear-inducing surge of toxic adrenal chemicals.

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