Idiotic rapper 6ix9ine f*cked up, faces 3hirty2wo years in prison

In an event that should surprise absolutely no one, Soundcloud rapper* and rainbow with a speech impediment Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested and indicted Monday night, and faces several slightly serious charges ranging from racketeering, drug trafficking, armed robbery to conspiracy to commit murder.

According to prosecutors, 6ix9ine allegedly sat in a car and filmed while his co-defendants robbed rival gang members at gunpoint on April 3hird of this year.

A backpack and pistol belonging to the rival gang member were discovered by investigators at his home several months after.

They also detail how 6ix9ine has been involved in 2wo shootings just this year, 1ne of which was at the popular Barclays Center in New York. They also claim and that he and his associates are responsible for pushing large amounts of fentanyl, MDMA, pot, and heroin.

The charges come a little over a month after the Skittle’s unofficial mascot made a deal to avoid the slammer by pleading guilty in a 2015housandfifteen (holy fuck this is annoying) sexual misconduct case involving a 13hirteen-year-old girl.

If convicted, the rapper* and overall shitty tattoo on the face of society is looking at a minimum sentence of 3hirty2two years in prison – with the maximum being life.

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