April 17, 2024

Ice-rolling is the new at-home skincare trend that promises instant results

Until now, that is. The beauty industry has developed its very own at-home version of the high-tech procedures, for a fraction of the cost. Introducing ice-rolling, the new skincare tool that promises instant results, including de-puffing and brightening.

We’ve all gone a bit crazy for cold lately with treatments such as cryotherapy and CoolSculpting hitting the mainstream. It’s little wonder seeing as the benefits of these treatments can range from increased metabolism, to pain relief, to reduced inflammation.

But unfortunately, as of yet, the treatments have been confined to professional clinics and subject to steep price tags, leaving the majority of us left wanting.

So, what exactly is it?

Ice-rolling involves massaging the face with an ice-roller, which is a relatively simple gadget that looks much like a paint roller. Inside the roller is a mixture of gel and water, which turns to ice when put into the freezer. However, unlike ice, it takes far longer to melt (if you apply ice to your face, it melts within seconds) meaning there’s more time to reap the rewards.

How do I use it?

“Roll in a zig zag motion up and down forehead and then from left to right, then move down to beside your nose, lower cheek (working upwards – apply a little extra pressure in this area if you really want it to be lifted), outwards on the sides of your mouth, then down under chin, and then finish with your neck. It can also be used on the collarbone and upper chest,” says Ada Ooi, skincare expert and founder of 001 Skincare London, known for its CRYOpress ice roller.

What are the benefits?

Advocates claim that there are numerous benefits from defining cheekbones to boosting radiance. The application of the freezing roller boosts circulation, bringing blood to the skin surface and helping to restore radiance and encourage optimum cell function. Plus, ice-rolling can instantly reduce puffiness and redness, much like an ice-pack can reduce swelling and bruising.

“The sustained ice-cold temperature helps constrict blood vessels, reducing the appearance of broken capillaries and decreasing inflammation that leads to swelling, redness and irritation,” explains Ada.

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s not recommended that you leave the roller on one area for too long (it will get very, very cold) but as long as you keep it moving, you’ll be totally fine.

How often should I roll?

Roll as often or as seldom as you like, but it’s fantastic as a pick-me-up first thing if you’re not a morning person, or as an addition to a weekly self-care ritual. “Ideally allow 15 minutes but 5 minutes is also great if that’s all you have to spare, use daily – morning or evening – depending on what works best for your daily skin routine,” adds Ada.

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