I will wear all the best at once

In the metropolis, where shopping centers are much larger than theaters, art becomes shopping. When discounts and boutiques at every step, shopping threatens to become permanent, even if you do not have a lot of money on it – but this is not a guarantee of a stylish image.

At his 11-hour lecture “Crazy Shopping” Moscow stylist and shopper Roman Copper told how to go shopping. About what mistakes when shopping should be avoided and how to change the style, a visiting stylist found out the correspondent of SHE.

Interview with a Moscow stylist about how to make purchases and change your style

Reference:Roman Copper – a stylist, a shopper (a man helping to pick up clothes in the store). He was born in 1986. He graduated from Donetsk National University, receiving two specialties: cultural studies and TV and radio reporter. Lives in Moscow, works as a stylist-shopper. I started with a fashionable observer of the Ukrainian version of the magazine Afisha. As a lifestyle specialist, he worked with the St. Petersburg magazine Restaurant and Hotel Business, Moscow’s Restaurant News. Gradually began to give consultations on the style, conduct lectures and master the profession of shopper. 

What are the most common mistakes women make when shopping?

They buy a thing for a smaller size, as a result, we all Russia goes to “lifebuoys” – it’s a fat fold that appears over the waist. The second mistake is “I’ll put on all the best at once”: as Alexander Vasiliev said, one always needs to think not what to add, but what to remove. The third mistake is isolation on one’s own style. Women believe that by the age of 20-25 they have reached their limit in the development of taste and adhere to it. As a result, they come to the fact that the style does not correspond to development, age, aspirations. Due to this ugly grow old, because clothes are not older by age even stronger than wrinkles.

If the girl wants to change the style, how to do it yourself, where to start?

There is a concept of “randomizer” (from random – random choice – ZK) in the development of style. If you go shopping, you like some shoes, they sit well, but you do not know what to put under them – take them for sure! When they stay with you 3-4 days at home, you will understand what to wear with them. This thing will dictate to you in which direction to change the style.

Things that do not fit into your style, but you really like them, are like breakthroughs of the subconscious. This is your deeply buried “I” says: “I want to be like this!”.

We must also not forget that clothing is not a thing isolated from the context. If you want to look elegant, intelligent, attractive – go to the theater. Very often people do not go to interesting events, because they think that they have nothing to put on there and there is nothing to say. Go once and you will have what to wear and say next. Just decided and went – as with these things that break through the wardrobe.

Did you go on routes for shopping in Novosibirsk?

I walked here only on the big shopping centers – MEGA, Sibirsky Mall and Royal Park and plus on the Vokzalnaya highway. Novosibirsk in terms of widely available clothing of the middle and low price segment from Moscow is not much different: 80 percent of the assortment is the same. The only thing in Moscow, the wand-a rescue tool for modern youth – these are the so-called “show-rooms”. This is when one person goes to Europe for a sale and buys interesting unusual things. You do not even know the words of this.

Name five things that should be in the wardrobe of every woman, so she was stylish.

Dress-case up to the knee – even on very crooked legs this length looks the most effective. If you have very crooked legs, the dress should just expand slightly downwards. In summer it can be flax or cotton, in winter it is woolen. If you need to comply with an office dress code, then you need a jacket that you can put on top of the dress. Or under the dress you can wear a white blouse – it looks very impressive. It is necessary to have every woman, if there are no medical contraindications, a heel of 7 centimeters. This is the height that is comfortable in the sock, but at the same time it makes the leg stretch nicely: at the bottom the leg is rounded, the butt strains slightly. And the fifth is a cocktail dress.

“Nothing to wear” is a problem that cocktail dress always decides. A win-win option is black or emerald from a combination of satin and chiffon. 

If there are no problems with the waist, then from above you can have a corset. If there is no waist, there is a propensity to fullness or low growth, then the dress extension can begin directly from the bodice.

How to respond to fashion trends, so as not to merge with the crowd and not become a scarecrow? 

You need to choose only what you like 100% and what you are sure that it is for you. Now there are several dozens of actual trends, you catch 2-3 of this sea, which suits you – the combination is almost not repeated. Do not just copy completely look (image – ZK) celebrity of some kind or podium.

Where is the line between a shopaholic and a man who knows how to dress?

It’s an opportunity to say no. When a person does not rush into the store every weekend, and buys things twice a year – in the spring and fall. Plus, when there is a need for a situation: you need a good suit for a certain event or dress. A shopaholic is a person who buys everything he has noticed.

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