July 20, 2024

I used the Pokemon Sleep App for three weeks and it changed my life

As a self-proclaimed night owl who has faced countless battles against the early morning grind, I needed a change, so when I bumped into an ad for ‘Pokemon Sleep App’ on Twitter (or ‘X’), I was intrigued.

I know there are plenty of sleep apps out there, but nothing has convinced me to create real changes in my sleep cycle.

The majority of sleep apps are serious, scientific and stress-inducing, so something cute and fun is more my vibe. Nothing I’ve seen has been as familiar and comforting, as well as involving a little bit of game play to make a good and early night of sleep feel rewarding in the moment – emphasis on ‘in the moment’ (more on that later).

So, how does it work?

The game seems like it was designed for people just like me. Similarly to Pokemon Go, the app cleverly utilises a Pokémon-themed approach embracing the real world, but instead it’s to incentivise and improve sleep habits. By placing your device near your pillow, the app tracks your sleep patterns and rewards you with in-game bonuses based on the quality of your rest.

Much like other sleep trackers, Pokemon Sleep measures the several rounds of your sleep cycle (REM, Light, and Deep sleep), but it classifies them as dozing, snoozing and slumbering respectively. It then records any snoring sounds and when you wake up in the morning, it will give you a generous sleep score based on the hours you spend sleeping and based on when you managed to hit the sack. As you wake up, it will then gather Pokemons around your Snorlax to ready to be discovered, that have similar sleeping patterns to you.

Each Pokémon has a number of different sleep styles, so to see how many you can discover you then need complete your sleep style dex, which only takes a couple of minutes in the morning. This is all part of the game-play, but it’s pretty limited. This gamified approach adds a pretty unique twist, removing the chore aspect of improving your sleep.

I used the Pokemon Sleep App for three weeks and it changed my life

My experience using the app

I was also curious about how a game could make me want to sleep more. Usually they do the opposite. It was curiosity that got me hooked. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting big things when it came to the Pokémon Sleep App: it first it was givin’ a blend of skepticism, then surprise, and a touch of bedtime gaming magic. I was sold.

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