April 24, 2024

I tried Victoria Beckham’s new beauty range and here’s what I thought

When the rumours began to swirl that Victoria Beckham would be launching her eponymous beauty line, the question of whether it would be sartorially pleasing and highly desirable was well, never in question.

And so when we were given an exclusive preview of the range, which is launching in three stages starting with eye makeup and followed by skin and lip products, and saw it was housed in beautiful, heavyweight packaging that nodded to a bygone era while looking ‘oh so modern’, well, we weren’t surprised.

What did surprise was the lengths Victoria had gone to ensure the formulas in this well edited collection utilised ingredients that were sustainably sourced. At a time when luxury andsustainabilityare still not regularly used in the same sentence, that was a welcome surprise. But does it work? The short answer is YES. Read on to find out what we thought of the range.

Victoria Beckham’s 2016 beauty collaboration with Estée Lauder was arguably the biggest beauty launch of the year (think high-performance products encased in impossibly chic gold packaging). Unsurprisingly, the entire collection was a sell out. Since then, however, Victoria Beckham has been lying low on the beauty front, much to her fans dismay. Now, the fashion designer has launched her very own makeup range and it launches this weekend… It was worth the wait…

Victoria Beckham Lid Lustre

Now this is a pot, an exquisite tortoise shell lidded pot, of cream eyeshadow. Except it is not your bog standard cream eyeshadow. Think of it as the much more elevated and beautiful relative. The formula goes on skin like silk and the pigment is deliciously intense so it works on every skin tone (We know, we tried it). It is slightly sparkly but is so finely milled it gives you an expensive looking shimmer as opposed to full on disco ball glitter.

“Easy to apply, complete faff-free and so pigmented you’ll only need a teeny bit (prepare for it to last a lifetime), I dare you not to love this,” says Funmi Fetto, executive editor and beauty director.

And when it hits the skin, it does not budge but not to the point that it is not malleable or God forbid, non-removable. It comes in Mink, a dusky bronze, Onyx, a gritty dark greyish with gold specks, Blonde, don’t be fooled by the name; it is the most amazing gold that looks especially epic on darker skin tones, and, our favourite, Midnight, an incredible deep dark navy because like VB herself we’ve never been able to resist a bit of blue around the eye.

Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Eyeliner

Eyeliners are pretty standard fare right? Well actually not quite. There are eyeliners and then there is this. Many eyeliners we have tried lack pigment, longevity and quality – some are quite harsh and drag the delicate areas around the eye. This on the other hand really does live up to the ‘Satin’ in its name.

“All three shades are versatile and wearable, melting into the skin to create Victoria’s sultry smoky eye in a single sweep,” says Lottie Winter, beauty editor.

Like an Olympic winner skater in an ice rink, it literally glides across your eyes in the most elegant way. The Bordeaux is exactly as you’d imagine it, like the deepest richest burgundy you can imagine. The Bronze is a shimmer free dark gold and the Black is an impressively dense, unapologetic black that gives you the sootiest rock and roll eyes you’ve always dreamt of.

All the liners are matte, double ended (great for a sexy smudgy eye) and have serious staying power. On a shallow note, they look good but more significantly, unlike so many of its counterparts from other brands, which lack pigment and punch, this is truly inclusive.

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