April 13, 2024

I tried this game-changing Brow Silk from Ariana’s makeup artist’s new range and I’ll never look back

It’s the brainchild of makeup artist to Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajowski, Patrick Ta, and cruelty-free, vegan makeup brand, ICONIC London, so we were expecting biiiiig things from this quirky new brow product.

“Taking an old Hollywood trick of using soap to set brows in place to the next level, ICONIC London’s new Brow Silk is a unique styling product designed to give a lifted and naturally perfect brows – no matter your preferred brow style,” say the brains behind the beauty product.

“In a stylish zero mess compact and leaving no chalky residue, this silky balm quickly and easily boosts sparse patches, gripping every single hair for a lifted look that really lasts. A true time-saver, the naturally brushed up effect defines each hair and makes arches appear thicker, saving precious brow-filling-in time.

We’re used to eyebrow gels, pomades and pencils, but this silky balm accompanied by a firm eyebrow brush is a game-changer in terms of texture and application. Why? Because you can use the formula either with a wet or dry brush.


Kiran Meeda, Online Features Intern

Beauty Bio

Blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, but the need to make them stay put with a brushed out, but voluminous look is taxing.

The Review

I am a brow girl through and through and hands down prefer a thicker, wispy brow.

Taking the brow brush, I started by brushing it through the eyebrow balm twice. It’s important to bear in mind that a little goes a long way with this balm. It’s best to try one layer at a time and build up the texture and thickness if needed.

I personally like the brushed-out look, and so when applying the balm, I sweep it across the brow hairs from the bottom to the top, brushing the hairs out as far as possible and then adjusting them according to the shape I wanted them that day.

The Verdict

I wanted texture, hold and a wispiness, and that’s what I got. The hold from this balm is long-lasting and made my brows look a lot thicker than usual. There’s only so much effect a pomade or liner can add to your brows, what with it giving a more 2D look. This brow balm is a game-changer, leaving no residue and simply keeping those hairs held throughout the day.

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