I tried the world’s first re-useable tampon applicator

We’re all aware (or at least, should be aware) about period pollution. The fact is, our choice of period product is contributing to the global problem with plastic waste, in part due to the millions of single-use, plastic tampon applicators thrown away every day.

Dame D. Reusable Tampon Applicator, £24.99

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While applicators are great in theory, helping us to get our tampons up in there with the greatest of ease and the cleanest of fingers, they pose a major environmental issue. One traditional plastic applicator takes 500 years to decompose. And yet it’s only useful to us for about 5 seconds before it becomes redundant. You see where we have a problem.

On the flip side, choice is both empowering and liberating, and women should be able to use the period product that they feel most comfortable with. “Choice is everything,” says Celia Pool, cofounder of DAME. “There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for women when it comes to menstrual products. There are different needs and requirements, even within one person’s cycle.”

Enter DAME, a medical-grade, re-usable tampon applicator that will last you years without costing the world.


Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


I hate tampon applicators for their negative impact on the environment, but at the same time, I hate using tampons without an applicator (it always feels weird – have I put it in too far, not enough…wonky?). And yes, I’ve tried menstrual cups, and period pants, but my overall go-to is still the tampon. Here’s hoping DAME will be the solution, allowing me to use tampons, and applicators, minus the moral dilemma.


First of all, they’ve nailed the packaging – a chic, silver and green tin that’s not only super reusable as a trinket case, but also a refreshing departure from the typical period marketing cliches (i.e. pink packaging and adverts with empowered women smiling and/or dancing while wearing a skirt).

Inside the tin is a little fabric pouch, the D. applicator itself, and some tampons (super and regular strength and all organic and toxin-free). The applicator works much like any other – all you have to do differently is insert the tampon each time. Other than that, it’s simple to use and does the job just as well as any other. If anything, it was easier to use – it felt surprisingly friction free, unlike some other applicators (cardboard, I’m looking at you).

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After I was done, I rinsed it off in the sink, popped the lid on, and zipped it back up in the pouch. As I was in the office loos, I couldn’t give it a long wash, but the creators have thought of this – the material it’s made of is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and non-porous, meaning it cannot harbour bacteria. In fact, all they recommend for cleaning is water.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a no brainer if you can’t give up your applicators. In fact, I’m finding it impossible to fault.

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