I tried the UK’s No1 antiperspirant brand to see if it really helped me feel more confident

Whether you’re a fitness bunny looking for protection during your daily sweat sesh, want to ward off the panic-perspiration of Zoom meetings, or simply wish you could banish those pesky white marks, a perfect antiperspirant not only minimises sweat and odour, but gives you the confidence to do whatever you want and move your way.

We guess when you put it like that, finding a decent antiperspirant is pretty damn important.

No matter how sweaty a person you are, finding the right antiperspirant can be a bit of a minefield. In fact, 70% of us say we have been dissatisfied with our antiperspirant* – and we know the feeling all too well.

Of course, we at GLAMOUR know that sweat is a natural bodily function and nothing to be ashamed of, but we get it – there are just some situations where you want to stay dry and fresh, and not let any dampness or odour affect your self-esteem.

So when we heard that the UK’s No1 antiperspirant brand Sure** was launching its best-ever protection in an aerosol, we knew we had to give it a trial run.

The new Sure Advanced Protection range gives two times stronger protection than the UK’s leading female antiperspirant***, with exclusive patented technology to combat heavy sweating when we need it most.

That’s why the unique MotionSense technology is especially designed to cater for you; so that the more you move, the more it works. Sure Advanced Protection creates a barrier against all causes of sweat, from physical movement and warm weather to stressful moments.

That’s why the brand has partnered with feminist campaign This Girl Can through 2020, with the aim of inspiring women like you and me to move more and in a way that suits us. Whether that’s going hard at the gym, doing sport in our local park or simply walking the dog – we want to feel fresh AF whatever the situ.

In fact, Sure Advanced Protection is so advanced, it took 50 scientists and 10 doctors of science nine whole years to develop the technology used in the formula. That’s some pretty impressive stuff.


Guys, full disclosure: I sweat a hell of a lot.

I try to work out six mornings a week – sometimes often less, depending on how knackered/lazy/hungover I’m feeling that day – and they’re usually pretty brutal 45-minute HIIT classes (shout out to Tom House for being the best and most patient Zoom instructor in the bizz).

That means that I get incredibly sweaty. Which is fine, but as of yet, I haven’t really found an antiperspirant that leaves me feeling properly fresh throughout my workouts. And when you’re trying to nail a torturous round of burpees, there’s nothing more off-putting than getting a distinct waft of your own BO.

Then there’s the anxiety sweat. As someone who’s struggled quite significantly with their mental health this year and gone through various rounds of CBT, I’ve noticed that my body reacts to stress in far different ways than it used to. Whereas the workout sweat is hot, nervous sweat is cold and often accompanied by clammy hands and shaking limbs.

And I’m not the only person who experiences this. In fact, 39% of us* say that we’re nervous or anxious sweaters and a further 41% of us* wish we would sweat less in high-pressure situations such as job interviews or presentations. Tellingly, 43% of us* feel that wearing a good antiperspirant makes us feel twice as confident in these situations.


I liberally spray Sure Advanced Protection Workout Antiperspirant Spray before my morning workout. Today is a core and upper body focus, with plenty of mountain climbers (sweaty), plank jacks (doubly sweaty), and of course the dreaded burpees (so-sweaty-even-my-eyelashes-are-sweating sweaty). In the name of journalistic integrity I really push myself (I will bitterly regret this the next day), and it’s safe to say I’d usually be smelling pretty ripe by this point.

I stick my nose to my armpit to get a really good whiff, but to my surprise, I don’t smell at all, and afterwards there aren’t even any sweat patches on my top. I hate burpees but I love this antiperspirant!

A couple of days later, I use Sure Advanced Protection Ultimate Fresh Antiperspirant before a Zoom meeting with a potential new client. As a freelance journalist, seeking out new opportunities and meeting with editors is a crucial part of my job, so it’s important to feel as confident and capable as possible. I’m nervous as hell but the Sure Advanced Protection Ultimate Fresh Antiperspirant keeps me feeling fresh before the meeting (usually when the anxiety sweat sets in) and during it, too.

In fact, I don’t think about my armpits once during the meeting, which is always a win when you’re trying to tell someone how good you are at your job. Plus, after the meeting, I notice that there aren’t any of those annoying white marks left on my nice shirt at all (as I eagerly change straight back into loungewear).

In short, I’d highly recommend the new Sure Advanced Protection range for all types of sweat, whether you’re a HIIT queen or an anxious sweater. My pits and I would like to say a very big thank you to those 50 scientists and 10 doctors of science.

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