May 19, 2024

I tried the much-anticipated brow products, from Urban Decay

It’s safe to say that Urban Decay need no introduction when it comes to eye makeup. Their eyeshadow palettes alone are the stuff of legends, fast becoming treasured collector’s items as well as everyday makeup staples.

And so it is with great excitement that the brand has announced an entirely new array of brow products, ranging from a powdery putty, to a precision pencil, setting gel and even a brow primer, two of which are also vegan.

THE REVIEWER:Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


Despite being a brunette, my eyebrows have always been determinately meek. They’re sparse and muted in colour – more like a grey beige shade. In fact, they’re so at odds with my head hair that I spend five minutes every morning meticulously filling them in, and consequently, feel totally naked without brow makeup.

Over the years I’ve become a bit of a brow product connoisseur, and I know the precise products I like and don’t like. To sway my every day go-tos will be a big challenge!


In the spirit of research, I decided to try all of the products rather than bee-lining for the type I always use (precision pencil and gels). I started with the Double Down Brow Putty (although I feel that the name is misleading, the texture is more akin to a powder). The Double Down comes with two shades and a double ended applicator – one end a spoolie, the other an angled brush. The formula is impressively budge-proof and once applied, instantly sets to create a fine, fall-out free line. Don’t be afraid to really wriggle the brush in there, unless you want a very subtle shading.

Next up, the double-ended Brow Blade; on the one side, a waterproof, micro-fine pencil (my fave) and the other a felt tip ink stain. It’s impossible to fault this product; the pencil drew the sharpest line possible, indistinguishable to an actual hair. The felt tip adds dimension and effortlessly fills in any gaps.

Finally, I used the double-ended Brow Endowed primer and colour. The primer comes out in a white, tacky formula but is undetectable when deposited onto the brows. The effect it gives is a bit like softer soap brows – brushed up, separated but not owl-like, and perfectly prepped to add a bit of colour over the top with the other end. The pigment is impressive, and even a gentle sweep will coat brows thoroughly.

Although I ordinarily wouldn’t use all the products at once, the result was pretty impressive – brushed up, groomed brows that lasted the whole day. I mean, what more could you ask for?

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