April 13, 2024

I Tried the APL TechLoom Waves

The new shoes are the ($225), and they are a hybrid running shoe. That means that while they aren’t ideal for longer-distance runs, they are good for not only short-distance runs but also other activities: cross training, HIIT, strength work, and walking. Plus, they look cute!

When APL sent me a pair of TechLoom Waves to try out, I couldn’t put them on fast enough.

I’ve already raved about my love for APL’s TechLoom Phantom Running Shoes; they are the go-to sneaker for my favorite mixed-format classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory Fitness, which require lots of running, sprinting on the treadmill, and floor/strength work.

Now that they are available on Amazon, it’s dangerous for my wallet. So when I saw that APL released a new version of its TechLoom, I had to get my hands on them.

APL TechLoom Wave Performance Review

I first wore the TechLoom Waves just to walk around the city, and they are perfect for that. They are comfortable yet stylish and are ideal for my weekend errand-running, where I typically walk five or more miles a day. But how do they perform? I first took them for a spin at a Barry’s Bootcamp class, and I loved the way they performed. They were light yet sturdy on my feet during the treadmill runs and sprints.

And since I’m accident-prone on those Woodway treadmills, I was worried how these sneakers would hold up, but they kept me safe, secure, and, most importantly, upright! When we moved to the floor to work on strength training, the shoes kept me balanced for reverse lunges, dumbbell Romanian deadlifts, banded hip thrusts, and more.

I also tried the TechLoom Waves at , which consists of about 20 minutes of boxing on water bags and about 20 minutes of strength training and weightlifting on the floor. I’ve had issues with other sneakers at Rumble not supporting my feet with all the sideways shuffling you do, but these kept my feet supported yet light. For the floor section, the shoes were also supportive for the many (many) rounds of burpees and mountain climbers we did, in addition to dumbbell work.

The icing on the cake is how cute and chic they look. Although I’m wearing higher socks in the photos (I didn’t want blisters during my workouts! ), I street style them with no-show socks and have gotten so many compliments. And while APL sent me this pair complimentary, I am already eyeing other colors I can snag and add to my collection.

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