I tried a microblading pen for feathered eyebrows and this is what happened

Brow Artist Micro Tattoo 24hr Eyebrow Definer, £9.99, L’Oréal Paris. Eyebrow tattooing has become an extremely popular treatment, offering a pretty permanent solution for fuller brows.

The thin, hair-like strokes created by the tattoo gun are so realistic, there was demand for makeup products to produce the same effect: Enter ‘microblading pens’.

REVIEWER: Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor

BEAUTY BIO: I have quite dark eyebrows for a (fake) blonde, but am blessed with a bit of fullness, suffering mostly from sparseness at the beginning of my brows. I usually use a tinted gel-wax product to tame them, like Glossier’s Boy Brow.


I absolutely love the look of microbladed brows. My friends with very sparse face framers have had theirs tattooed and they look like real brows, so I had high hopes for this product.

Upon opening it, I was reminded instantly of a felt-tip eyeliner because the material of the head is very similar, the only difference being the claw-like shape.

I swatched it across my hand first because trying a new brow product is scary, and I was glad I did because it swatched waaaaay thicker than I thought. Turned out this was because I had it on an angle, whereas if you want it thin and hair-like, you need to hold it completely upright so only the pointed edge touches the skin.

I used the shade 109 Ebony and found it to be a good match for my brunette brows. I began at the start of my brow, holding the clawed-edge parallel to the base and imitated the surrounding hairs with an upward flick. This worked an absolute treat, creating thin lines that filled in the sparse spots very realistically.

For the tail of my brow, I turned the pen on its slant and just worked it down in the direction of my brow’s end. I did it this way because my arch and tail don’t need as much filling, but I wanted the colour to match.

It lasted well throughout the day and the hair-like strokes didn’t smudge or blur which I thought was very impressive.


The effect of the microblading pen was very realistic and gave me the feather-like fill that I love at the beginning of my brow. It’s a similar effect to a very thin or sharp pencil, but I believe the staying power of the pen is better. The only downside of this product is the felt material has the potential to blunt and not retain its sharpness, so try not to press down on it too hard and always put the lid back on properly to prevent it drying out.

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