I tried a crystal healing session, and couldn’t believe what happened

Feeling low? Grab an amethyst rock. Looking for love? Hoard some rose quartz. Need a single solution to any problem life throws at you? Crystals.

Whether Victoria Beckham is adorning her runway with them, Miranda Kerr is meditating clutching hers or the hippest beauty brands are infusing their serums with rose quartz, crystals have become the trendiest route to enhanced wellness.

Hey, if you haven’t jumped aboard the crystal bandwagon yet, have you been living under a rock? Pun intended.

With A-listers and wellness gurus espousing crystal’s life-changing benefits, I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about so I enlisted Kate Deely, a Quantum Healer and Claircognizant at Scientia London, for a crystal healing session.

Essentially, a crystal healer works to stimulate the body’s energy flow to restore balance and help the body heal itself. Describing energy healing and her practise, Kate explained: “The way I best view energy healing, is in alignment to the teachings of the Eastern World. The East have always seen and understood the chakra body to be the fundamental influence for the physical body. So when there is a blockage or disharmony within the energetic body, it can very often manifest into a physical or emotional illness or imbalance. Therefore energy healing is hugely beneficial for the wellbeing of all three bodies: emotional, physical and spiritual.”

Kate says crystals work as tools for energy harnessing. “Think of the micro processor inside a computer, which uses quartz crystals to hold and submit precise signals and frequencies,” she explains. “Crystals work as vessels which are able to hold energy, transmit energy and transmute energy. In order to understand crystals, you have to start thinking in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

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Now for the science lesson: “The physical light spectrum (as taught in mainstream physics) demonstrates how each colour has a different frequency. Each chakra is associated with a one of the 7 colours in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. So as a rough guide, you can select the crystals based on their colour. However, as you get more knowledgeable, you get to know the mineral components of each crystal and can choose accordingly in addition to this basic understanding.”

Kate began by selecting different crystals suited to my needs and adorned them all over my body. She then carried out a sound bath ceremony – gently ‘gonging’ a gold bowl to cause relaxing sounds and vibrations. Kate’s bowls are made from quartz crystal, which are powerful transmitters. The sound frequencies are apparently absorbed by the body and help shift any excess vibrations held within the body that may have been picked up throughout the day (e.g wifi frequencies or emotions). I immediately feel relaxed and enter a trans-like state.

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Kate has cleverly trained herself so that her own energy field becomes almost neutral so she can sense any subtle imbalances within her clients’ energy. Sensing any energy blockages with her clients’ body, Kate uses her skills to shift them, resulting in enhanced wellness for those she’s working on. I instantly felt huge surges of static energy moving through my body as Kate ‘shifted’ these blockages towards my feet.

“The static feeling is due to the vibrational change that took place during our session,” she explained. “I work to remove any blockages or imbalances within your chakras.”

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The session, which lasted around an hour, left me feeling incredibly zen, content and practically floating through the door. I felt like I’d cheated nine hours sleep or overdosed on Rescue Remedy.

Ready to rock your socks off? Visit Kate’s website www.scientialondon.com for more information and read more about how to use crystals in your beauty regime and to feng shui your house.

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