I Tried 13 Mascaras to See Which One Works Best on Asian Lashes

When a quick Google search informed me that CoverGirl’s Lashblast Length mascara had been discontinued (#RIP), I was devastated. Like most Asian women, I have naturally thin and short lashes, and that particular CoverGirl formula was the most effective at making them seem longer and fuller. An eyelash-extension expert once told me my lashes were about 8mm long (less than an inch!), and since then I have vowed to have lashes 10mm or longer. But getting lash extensions every two weeks for the rest of my life wasn’t really practical.

The next best solution: finding a new mascara I can be 100 percent committed to. I sourced friends, co-workers, and the internet to research which mascaras work best, specifically for Asian lashes. I was on the hunt for a mascara that would deliver both volume and length in one easy-to-use tube, and I realized: isn’t that what most people want? Just more so if you have fine eyelashes. After trying 13 different mascaras, I can safely say I found some formulas that make saying goodbye to my old CoverGirl standby a lot easier.

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