I May Have Stopped Chasing You, But I Still Long To Be With You

For so long, you were my major focus. You entirely occupied my ideas, my dreams, my life, as well as nearly anything else that you could. Exactly how could you not? You genuinely were everything that I assumed I wanted.

As a result of that, I loved you more than anything else.

That’s why it was so tough for me to approve that I would never be your priority. Either I would have to quit or advance leading a life of dissatisfaction. So, I selected to leave. Now, I may have stopped chasing you, but I still long to be with you.

A Girl, Obsessed

All I ever before actually saw was you, and I desired your focus so terribly. I craved your adoration, your love. That demand in me was so solid that I would do whatever I assumed was required to obtain it.

So, I obsessed over you. I attempted tirelessly to get you to take notice of me by sending you text after text, invite after invite. To the outside world, I probably simply appeared like some pathetic, lovestruck lady, but all I assumed was that I was a lady in love.

When you didn’t respond to my messages, I could not take the hint. Rather, I would certainly simply keep attempting, maintain reaching out to get your feedback.

It broke my heart whenever you declined my invitations. Still, I would go on asking you to socialize, to go for a drink, to come to celebrations. If you stated “no,” then fine, I would simply ask once more next time.

There Were So Many Excuses

I guess I just could not accept that you didn’t want to be with me. That component of me that enjoyed you greater than the air I breathe wouldn’t permit me to think that you didn’t want me back.

That’s why I needed to make excuses for you.

Rather than proceeding from you, I told myself that you were simply worried regarding entering a brand-new connection. If I offered you sufficient time as well as tried hard enough, you ‘d ultimately overcome that fear.

Regardless of how uninterested you seemed, I constantly had a reason all set. I required you to love me the manner in which I enjoyed you.

You Didn’t Try Despite the amount of compliments I gave you, the methods I dressed up for you, or the several hrs I spent attempting to contact you, you never ever reciprocated. You stayed remote.

Just how could I condemn you for that? The heart wants what the heart desires, and also in your instance, it didn’t want me. I couldn’t be mad at you for that. I could not feel betrayed by you for that. You had actually never led me on by any means, I had done that to myself.

Despite that, my heart hurt. I could not continue with this ineffective chase that was slowly draining me of my power as well as joy. I needed to stop chasing you– so I did.

My time running after you has actually finished, my sensations are still as solid as ever. I can not surrender on my love for you right now, yet I can do what I recognize is finest for both of us. Unless I finish this, I will certainly never be free, as well as you will certainly always be complied with by a woman that you don’t care about. This ends right here, however I have no tensions towards you.

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