I Love You More Than Words Can Say, But Deep Down I Know I Will Be Fine On My Own

I like you with all my heart. With my entire being. I enjoy you the method the moon likes the earth. I enjoy you the means the waves love the coast. I enjoy you the means morning rain enjoys the turf.

I enjoy you in my very own special means. You are the most effective point that ever before occurred to me.

However, even though my love for you is growing more powerful by the day … I understand that I would never intend to shed myself loving you. I wish to share my life with you, yet I don’t want to end up being addicted to your love. I intend to open my soul to you, however I do not wish to be codependent.

I do not want to feel like I can not survive without you.

I know that all of this may seem a bit complex to you, but that is just how I feel.

It is heavy on my heart as well as I feel that I require to let it all out.

You are the love of my life. There is no doubt about it.

But …

I wish to find out to be pleased on my very own.

I wish to really feel that type of happiness and certainty that whatever happens, I will constantly have myself. I do not want to be simply a component of the problem. I do not wish to be a half. I don’t wish to depend on another person. I want to really feel total due to the fact that I have myself.

I wish to cut loose like the wind. I want to feel confident with myself. I wish to be enough for myself. I want to depend on myself. I intend to be the spark that illuminate a huge fire inside of me. I want to have the entire globe in the palm of my hand. I wish to be the individual who makes me laugh. I wish to be totally free to select whatever I want to lack injuring anybody. I want to have the ability to see the appeal of this globe without having someone hold my hand.

I want to discover my lessons on my very own. I intend to feel deeply. I want to know pain, for that is the only means I will find out to value love. I intend to be strong sufficient to sustain losing someone. I don’t desire my whole world to find crashing down if oneday life drives us apart. Don’t get me wrong. I want to really feel whatever extremely, but I wish to know that as lengthy as I have myself, I can conquer every little thing.

I wish to remain in love. However I don’t wish to surrender myself to one more person. I wish to let you know simply just how much you suggest to me, but I don’t wish to lose my identity at the same time. I do not intend to shed the “me” when we come to be a “we”. I do not intend to change right into an individual that blindly follows their fan, without having a voice. I want my being to advance by itself. I wish to reach that state of serenity and also satisfaction without having to rely upon somebody for it.

So, yes …

I like you more than words can claim, but I will never ever be your partner. I am sorry, yet deep down, I intend to find out to be happy without any person else. Deep down I want to be entire on my very own.

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