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In addition to electoral and civil, the twentieth century allowed women to have, on a par with men, a driving license. True, together with them the fair sex got a lot of trouble: what only is offensive “everything is clear, the woman is driving!”. 

But experienced drivers say that driving quality does not depend on gender – it’s more about how a person learned to drive. After all, if at the stage of training the driver is poorly prepared, it is almost impossible to retrain it later.

Therefore, the choice of driving school and the right approach to learning directly depends on how you will feel on the road for the rest of your life. How not to be mistaken with the choice and tactics, the correspondent of SE found out.

When choosing a driving school, you should carefully read the contract and pay attention to the female instructors

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If your task is not only to get the rights, but also to learn how to drive, then without driving school will not work. And the choice of an institution should be taken very seriously. “The first thing you need to pay attention to is a reputation,” advises the director of the driving school “Favorite” Lydia Koganitskaya. – Find out how many years the school exists on the market, read reviews on the Internet, talk with friends who have already been trained. ”

Of course, not a single certificate will tell about the driving school as much as its graduates, but it is not worth neglecting the documents. “If the school does not have a license from the Ministry of Education or it is overdue, exams will not be accepted by the traffic police,” says Lydia Koganitskaya. – Carefully read the contract: according to new regulations, the driving practice should be at least 50 hours. ”

Read the contract carefully, and also in order to find out the exact cost of training. Now many driving schools attract customers with low prices, and only in the process it turns out that in advertising the amount was specified only for the theoretical part. 

Today in the city the average price of the full course, which includes theory and 50 hours of driving, is from 16 to 22 thousand rubles. Be sure to inspect the classes and the car park, talk with the instructors, make sure that they have certificates giving the right to teach others. Find out if all the necessary documents at the end of the course are provided by the school. “For admission to the exam it is necessary to have a certificate of the end of the driving school, a driver’s card and a medical certificate of the established sample,” says Lidia Koganitskaya.

From A to Z

If, when choosing a driving school, you should ask the advice of friends, then in the process of learning it is better to listen only to yourself. “Education is not given to everyone equally,” Lydia Koganitskaya believes. “But if you have come to study, you need to approach this process seriously at all stages.” Many believe that it is easy to pass a theory simply by examining all the tickets.

But you can pass the exam consciously only if you clearly see the situation, looking at the picture. “Therefore, it is better if you study the theory and immediately apply it in practice,” advises Inga Potanin, the instructor of the Debut Driving School. – It is possible in the process of driving, together with the instructor, to pronounce all the signs, explain aloud, why in this or that situation it is necessary to do so “. On the exam itself, it’s important not to rush to answer, carefully study the ticket, take into account all the details, because the questions can be constructed very cleverly.

If the theory is not given right away, something is unclear, one must boldly approach the teacher and ask to explain the incomprehensible material again. “Do not be shy, you have every right to ask as many questions as you need to understand everything to the end,” says Lydia Koganitskaya.

Well, beautiful, let’s go skate! 

To practice, students are allowed in the second week of training, in parallel with listening to the theoretical course. Of course, the ideal option is to enroll in an instructor who has already taught your friends and received the most flattering reviews. If this does not happen, it is important that your instructor not only had a lot of experience, but also had other professional qualities, such as stress resistance and politeness.

“All people are different, everyone has their own approach, but if the instructor constantly screams, goes on insults, you are uncomfortable with him, you have every right to ask for a replacement, ” says Lydia Koganitskaya. – Do not swear with him and spoil your nerves, you need to come to a higher authority and ask you to transfer you to another specialist. ”

Now, some schools have female instructors. According to Inga Potanina, it is easier for girls to find a common language, because a man sometimes because of physiological differences can not understand the behavior of a woman at the wheel. “It is easier for a woman to predict and understand the reaction of a woman in some situation, she will explain more and more readily,” Inga is sure. The main secret of successful training is taught by instructors: attentiveness!

“The biggest mistake of all newcomers is absent-mindedness,” says Inga Potanina. “Many are losing their vigilance too fast, thinking that they have already learned everything, and make gross mistakes.

Automatically read the situation on the road, you can only after a few years of practice, but for now it is important to be extremely attentive, always look in the mirror and listen to the instructor. ” Inga Potanina does not advise taking breaks during and after training: you need to drive as much as possible, so as not to lose your skills and get used to the car.

But even the presence of rights does not guarantee you the pleasure of driving, if there is fear and insecurity in yourself. Therefore, many serious driving schools include in the theoretical course classes in psychology, which tells how to behave in an extreme situation, do not react to rudeness, overcome fear. “We need to understand that the traffic rules are very logical, and if you comply with them, then, except for some emergency situations, no one will just go out to meet you, crash. After all, when walking people do not collide with one another, they try to avoid obstacles, “says Inga Potanina. But real confidence comes only with experience, and it is important that there is no dizziness from success: keep vigilance on the road is necessary even after overcoming 100 thousand kilometers. For the same reason, you should not listen to the advice of your passengers. “Only personally convinced of the security of the maneuver, you can make it, no” yes it is clean, we went “can not listen”, – is sure of Inga Potanina.

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