May 24, 2024

I have all the symptoms of the syndrome deferred life

Live so, as it turns out, not as you want. Put as much effort into something like to exist, not to live fully. I have many plans and desires, but I have not taken any of them because of laziness. All aside, putting off a solution to any problem.

Understand that you need to change the unloved, we need to communicate more and to arrange a personal happiness. Want to make your life bright and full of impressions. Prevents laziness. Please advise how to cope with this condition.

Elena, 28 years old

You have a lot of plans, you know what you want. If the problem is just laziness and you don’t suffer clinical depression, when it becomes difficult to do anything, even impossible, then there is no saving method. There’s no magic tool that you can take that will help immediately take himself in hand.

You can “wait” your life away, not straining, not setting goals and deadlines, anything from itself not requiring it – you can do that. At the end of life will only summarize the results by presenting a long list of what is not done, what happens, what is not enough will power.

У меня все признаки, синдрома отложенной жизни

You plan, want changes and events, but not make the last effort, which helps to implement the plan. I would recommend to see a psychologist for some time he can take over the function to which you have now lost access.

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