I got a fever, a Saturday Night Fever, Photos

For our Green Members, the reward for their steadfast effort is an invitation to our annual Green Gala (our 6th and counting!): an entire weekend of events that this year, began with a pre-party at theCHIVE HQ…

Last year Chive Charities hit an all-time milestone: $10 Million donated to our veterans and the orphaned causes in the world.

In the year that followed we’ve only accelerated our giving efforts. In a world so divisive and polarized, theCHIVE and Chive Nation have chosen to lead, to be a true beacon of hope. We’re now pacing at helping a new recipient every single week. The sheer logistics behind such an effort are mind-blowing. The committed employees at Chive Charities have been equal to the task. To that end, we have now hit $12 Million in donations. Thank you, Chivers.

The incredible Chive Nation admins from around the world were treated to delicious NUMBER JUAN TEQUILA, our pre-party sponsor.

God bless Keli Rockett.

Nikki and Cam asked that I use the best photos of them I could find, so I found the worst…

Comedian Ron White was the Gala MC for the weekend. This guy blew me away. He showed up for the pre-party, the Green Gala, and the Sunday brunch. Thank you, Ron.

The next day we picked ourselves off the matt and put on our 70’s best…

What does $12 Million look like personified? Behind me and Alexandra are hundreds of Chive Charities recipients…

$12 Million in grants that have transformed hundreds of lives…

Even though the theme was Saturday Night Fever, superheroes of any form will be welcome at any party we throw.

Not all heroes wear capes. Ever since theCHIVE community helped change Emberlyn’s life in 2016, she’s torn up the Green Gala dance floor with her spins and endless energy.

We could never have an event like the Green Gala without our incredible sponsors covering all our costs. William Grant Sons, our title liquor sponsor, wowed the crowd again this year with some incredible signature cocktails featuring Flor de Cana Rum, Hendrick’s Gin, Milagro Tequila, Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Reyka Vodka, and Tullamore Dew. Their Flor de Cana Pina Colada, served in a DISCO BALL, was the hit of the evening!

Deep Ellum Brewery provided all the beer for the evening – their Dallas Blonde, Neato Bandito, and IPA. Needless to say, it was all gone by the end of the night.

If you’ve ever been to a Green Gala, you know how unique the event is. You get to meet the very recipients who have inspired us to make the world 10% happier. This is Charlotte. She is changing how universities look at universal accessibility.

Somewhere under this crowd is an LED light up dance floor. At this point, platform shoes were being kicked off and disco dancing was in full effect.

BraunAbility, our mobility partner, sponsored again this year and inspired us to Find our Go! Our go? Our incredible superhero recipients!

This year’s guest of honor, you guessed it – GRACE!

She wanted to come to the gala, ‘to thank all the people at theCHIVE who helped me.’

We met Grace and her incredible family back in June, when Chive Charities granted her a wheelchair-accessible van. After that, Chive Nation smashed the 10,000 goal to fund Grace’s dream trip to Hawaii to participate in Duke’s OceanFest – where adaptive surfers compete. After raising over $23,000, she got her dream AND new wood floors to make her home more accessible.

Grace had a front-row seat for the speeches.

Brian Mercedes takes the stage with all the amazing employees at Chive Charities who made this magical evening possible.

Me – Why do I have a fireman’s hat on in this photo?

Brian – You wore that hat most of the night.

Me – Oh

2 weeks prior to the Green Gala, I was on the phone with Stratacache‘s owner, Chris Riegel. His company is centering itself around goodwill and loves what Chive Charities is doing. “If Stratacache were to make a donation, what would move the needle?”, Chris asked. I replied with a number I thought was shooting for the stars. “$25,000 would be amazing.” Chris’ reply was a simple “OK, we’ll bring a big check.”

Chris surprised us on stage with the biggest sponsorship Chive Charities has ever received: $50,000!

Grace approves!

Nathan Crim is a Veteran who builds arcade systems from scratch with his son – and offered to donate a Crim Arcade to our live auction this year! When we saw it, we were floored! Ron White swooped it up for his son, donating $15,000 to the underdogs. Incredible.

Thanks again, Ron, for cracking us up all weekend long. You’re a stand up guy.

Toward the end of the night, everyone raised their eyes toward the screens to watch the Green Gala video. It’s a video that encapsulates what this community is all about and the amazing work you have done, not to mention the inspirational recipients who are now a part of our family forever.

This is why we Chive. So many recipients you can’t count them all anymore. This is our Chive family.

Two years ago before the 4th Green Gala, we began posting photos of all our recipients on a two walls at theCHIVE HQ. I mentioned at the time that it would be so cool if we could fill up both walls entirely. I think people thought I was joking. Hell, I wasn’t sure how serious I was.

But it’s actually happening now. The wall of recipients has become a focal point at the office. Hundreds of recipients and the wall is filling up fast. It’s actually happening.

Everybody who signs up to be a bronze, silver, gold, or Green Member will be invited to the party we’re going to throw when both walls fill up completely with the beautiful faces of all the recipients we helped. A bronze membership is only $10/month. For the price of a Budweiser in New York, you can change the world instead.

And of course, all our Green Members will be invited to the 7th annual Green Gala next year. The world now looks to Chive Charities for inspiration, join us today and help make the world 10% happier. Let’s fill these walls!

See you all next year!


John n’ Leo

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors including:

  • Nate Beels Photography who took all these amazing photos
  • Richard’s Rainwater for donating all the water for the weekend
  • Shiner’s Saloon – the official Chive bar in Austin and home to all after parties!
  • The Line Hotel took care of our incredible recipients at their brand new luxurious downtown hotel. We were blown away by their hospitality. It is unmatched.
  • Resign Wine – Leo and Tiffany Resig provided their Primrose Rose, Happy Trails Syrah and Transcend Sauvignon Blanc
  • Photobuzz Studios for donating our photobooths this year which couldn’t have been a bigger hit.
  • Triple G Catering – our BBQ food sponsor. Our guests ate up their brisket, pulled pork, and corn shooters all night.
  • Cinc – for supporting our event mission!

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