July 15, 2024

Hydrafacials are the latest high-tech treatment for incredible skin

Just when you’d come to term with which type of laser did what, and what type of light helped with which skincare concern, another treatment comes along that quickly becomes the talk of the town.

The beauty world is never short of weird and wonderful skincare treatments, all with the collective aim of refreshing and restoring our faces to leave us looking and feeling fresh AF.

The latest treatment innovation to sweep skincare clinics is the Hydrafacial – a high-tech facial that can treat all manner of skin concerns and is quickly becoming the most popular non-invasive aesthetic treatment on the market.

The Hydrafacial is a hand-held hydradermabrasion device that acts like a vacuum, sucking up all the dirt, grime and excess oil from deep within your pores as well as whipping away any dead skin cells from the surface. The grime then shoots up a tube, and collects in a little container ready for inspection (or not depending how recently you’ve eaten).

But it doesn’t stop there – as it sucks, it simultaneously spits out skincare actives, pushing them deep into the skin. This step can be tailored to provide targeted treatment specific to your needs.

“The beauty of the Hydrafacial is it’s suitable for all skin types and has a variety of indications,” explains Dr Esho, a renowned cosmetic doctor. “From helping to treat acne prone skin to treating the signs of ageing the Hydrafacial is diverse and can be tailored to each individual skin type. ”

Some options for the targeted treatment add ons include popular skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for hydration and salicylic acid for oil control and spot treatment.

The best bit? There’s no down time and is totally pain free. “After the the treatment the skin is left with a glow and you can skin feels truly cleaned and clean. I find many of my patients fall asleep during treatment – and wake up to glowing skin! ”

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