Hunter rules for quality clothing at ridiculous prices

The seditious, of course, thought … But did you ever notice that rags are surprisingly expensive compared to other goods of civilization?Is it not strange that the skirt of the two seams is worth as much as, say, a mobile phone, which many know how and inventions of the best technical minds? 

Reflections on this topic may suggest that it is time to change something in the distribution of the budget. SHE correspondent understood how to reduce the cost of clothes without losing interest in their appearance.

The reasons for which the costs for the wardrobe are reduced to a minimum, can be different. It happens that there is really no extra money at this stage of life. It happens that basically do not want to give untold thousands for the next jeans, because there are things more interesting than shopping (travel, for example, and other non-expensive hobbies).

In addition, in the absence of what is called, the Pontus has its own chic. In the end, even stars like Kate Moss or Keira Knightley paparazzi catch up in things from TopShop, but the ability to find and wear vintage things by itself allows you to consider yourself a true stylist.

More expensive

• There are things that should not be saved – at least according to the tight-knit principle “I’m not so rich as to buy cheap things.” This includes, for example, stockings and pantyhose – the quality they have most inexorably linked to the price. An endless series of cheap tights, creeping from one oblique glance, will cost far more than a pair of quality tights.
• “It’s absolutely impossible to save on shoes,” recalls the main taboo known to our grandmothers, the stylist-shopper Elena Vaiman. A sad misunderstanding is a girl who has accumulated on a fur coat and added it with shapeless “boxes for legs” with a gold plate.

By and large, the main goal of “budget” shopping: not so much to spend a few pennies, how much to buy a thing cheaper than it could cost – by quality, brand or simply the level of mental recovery from new things. It’s like gambling. And in search of a prize for patience, attentiveness and luck we are recovering to sales, to discount centers, where clothes are even cheaper, and the bravest descend into second-hand.

Swap meet

Let’s start with the most ambiguous option – second-hand stores. Some say scary stories about them. Others are rumored that there are rows of vintage silk dresses, suede handmade bags of embroidery and other miracles. Both are myths. Most of the range of our “flea shops” is a typical European casual – jerseys, sweaters, jeans skirts. It’s really very cheap – everything can be sold for 100-200 rubles. “Do not be afraid of the second.”

With a special skill, you can dress better there than in ordinary stores, “says Elena Vaiman. A special skill in this case implies patience (it is necessary to search through mountains to find something interesting), hunting excitement, an unmistakable scent for style and quality, and a special attitude to one’s own clothes: not as a status indicator, but as a small theater for oneself.

Well, it’s enough for everyone to know that, having a prejudice against the “seconds”, they do not miss their luck – oddly enough, not wearing clothes in discount centers is not much more expensive.

Fashion Bins

According to the representatives of the discount centers themselves, clothes come here, which could not be realized in Europe (they are often the excess of circulation, which went directly to us from warehouses, without having time to hang out in stores). In the discounts hang things of the past (however, there are also before last, and so on) of the season with a markdown of 50-70%. Among local discount centers, you should first visit Moda in Lenin Square and a store in the basement of the Moscow shopping center. Catching sight in the “Fashion” is, above all, for jeans (among others, come across Tommy Hilfiger and Miss Sixty) – if you sit down on this needle, jeans more than a thousand rubles begin to seem senseless motivation.

The easiest way is for those who are looking for a large size (in the drains they generally predominate). But the girl of average parameters can find excellent jeans more or less of the out-of-fashion style (classic or skinny) at the price of some clothing supermarket (800-1000 rubles), but the quality and cut vary as sky and earth. In the discount center under “Moscow” with jeans, the picture is approximately the same, and the choice of everything from outerwear to evening dresses with paillettes is more impressive. If you go regularly and rummage thoughtfully, you can find the top rubles for 300 jeans or Axara’s jacket for 600 rubles – there is already something to get out of the house!

The most successful catch in the drains awaits girls who prefer this very image: jeans, small jackets (corduroy, denim, linen, velvet) with creative details, bright tops.

The fashion lady does not squeak

Where it will be more difficult to find in the discount center something more adult and business – for this purpose it is better to wait for a sale in the “usual” store. As for sales in expensive shoe stores, this is the only correct and win-win way to save on shoes. Discounts for shoes from the collection of last season in Novosibirsk stores, positioning themselves as close to the premium class, can reach almost 50%.

“Do not be afraid to go into expensive stores during the season of sales, but you can not buy trendy sales at sales, because in the next season you risk being ridiculous – it’s better to give preference to the classics,” comments Elena Vaiman.

By and large, dress economically and at the same time have a reputation as a stylish maiden best for those who prefer either restrained classics or the bohemian image of a “free artist”. What do these very different images have in common? Neither one nor the other does not cry: “I have money!”. Both of them bear the statement that there are things more important than money: the taste and upbringing in the first case, free self-expression and courage – in the second. The worst strategy of budget shopping is to try to look like a million: there are things that must either be expensive or not exist in nature. The arrogant Vanderbildihu should be left alone.

So, with a small budget to create a low-key classic “for work”, it’s better to wear a shirt with a stylish waistcoat (this is also the current trend of the season) than to try to buy an elegant costume inexpensively (costumes are one of those things that are better to be expensive, because cut and fabric eloquently report their origin). A bag-accessory of unusual material (for example, color felt) looks more interesting than a pseudo-elegant lady’s bag made of black leatherette. A more democratic in spirit, but a higher-quality version of the embodiment will always look better than an imitation of high cost.

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