Huda Beauty is dropping five new mini eyeshadow palettes

Huda Kattan is beauty personified. There’s not a trend she won’t try or a topic she’ll shy away from, and she even did her own makeup for her GLAMOUR cover.

And we don’t blame her. She’s created the palettes of our dreams and now she’s expanding the collection with five new mini palettes based on precious stones, and they look epic.

Announcing the release in an Instagram post, the blogger-turned-beauty-guru showed off the new collection and we can definitely see the Topaz palette filled with browns and oranges being our autumn go-to.

We already have the Mauve, Smokey, Warm Brown, Gemstone, and Coral Obsessions palette in the mini range, and the new additions are a homage to the stones Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst.

Huda Beauty is dropping five new mini eyeshadow palettes

The palettes are made up of duochrome (classic Huda), matte and shimmer shades, and Huda said about them in a statement: “I honestly love the shades in each of these so much – they are perfect for getting a super dramatic look but also great for adding a little bit of colour to your eyes.

“Bright, rich-coloured eyeshadows are so hot right now and I can’t wait to see people playing around with different looks.”

Huda mentions on her blog that each eyeshadow was curated for personal reasons. “I feel like green is such an underappreciated shade,” she says of the Emerald Obsessions palette.

She chose Amethyst because of its ability to be a day-to-night transitional colour, layering the soft pinks during the day and adding a deeper purple for an evening look.

Ruby and Sapphire came into it as she loves these for creating a super-bold look and the luxury associated with these colours (and stones).

For Topaz, she says: “In ancient Egypt, the stone was a symbol of the Sun God, and this fusion of gold, rich browns, and amber shades is perfect for creating your very own goddess vibe.”

Obviously, we’re already obsessed and we haven’t even got our hands on them yet, but at $27 (approx £20) Huda’s fans will no doubt be super quick to snap them up.

Huda recently released a reality series that closely follows her life, called Huda Boss.

In the second episode, we see how hard she works as CEO of Huda Beauty, trying her damnedest to perfect a concealer formula for her brand. When they begin to get close, the product is canned as her Project Manager explains it will cost the company $2 million to produce.

This shows that A. Huda doesn’t compromise on quality and B. She won’t produce overpriced products.

The proof is also in her palettes. Popular all over the world and quite the collection, they’re a precious addition to anyone’s makeup kit.

But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate. Here’s our rundown of every Huda palette and what they’re best used for, to help you make the perfect pick…

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