Here’s what we thought after a two-week trial

At 27, I’m just starting to give a real sh*t about my skincare. I know blue light is no joke, and as someone who works at a computer all day, is constantly on her phone and then heads home to watch Netflix, I’m a classic case.

I’ll be interested to see if a ‘blue light shield’ becomes as essential as an SPF in my skincare routine.

Our skin has a new enemy: blue light. And if you’re constantly screen staring, you could be at risk of Netflix face.

Sisley’s SisleYouth Anti-Pollution Moisturiser has an in-built ‘blue light shield’ and aims to protect skin against the modern pollutants caused by technology, as well as outdoor atmospheric pollutants.


Considering I’ve got about 12-15 years of blue light damage under my belt already, I thought I’d better go hard or go home. So I chose Sisley’s latest launch from the line-up of blue shield skincare. And ooooh yes, she’s luxe.

First impressions receive ticks all round. I’m a sucker for a pump bottle (don’t make me dip my paws in a pot please), clean packaging and a smell reminiscent of a spa. The cream itself is a pleasant consistency, not too thick and not too thin, and I find two pumps is the perfect amount to cover my face and neck. It sinks in super fast. I can barely feel it within 3 seconds, and it’s like nothing ever happened after 10. If this is meant to have similar protection powers to an SPF, it’s already kicking suncream’s arse in terms of comfort.

I used this cream every morning and night for two weeks and it was always the same pleasant experience. No skin reactions, sits well under makeup and slid into my skincare routine with ease.

But results? To be honest, I’ve got no idea. My skin was hydrated, plump and smooth for sure, but this is not really anything new to me (smug). Because this is more of a prevention product, like a daily SPF, it’s SO HARD to tell if it’s actually doing anything.

It has been proven that blue light can penetrate even deeper into the skin than UVA UVB rays, plus dermatologists are starting to see more patients suffering from pigmentation at a younger age. So I know blue light isn’t bullsh*t, and despite not being able to see any changes, or what this cream is actually doing I’d rather be safe than sorry. And I’m hoping one day my 60-year-old self will look back and say ‘thank God I looked after my skin’.


Overall the cream was pleasant to use, and no hinder to my routine, so I’ll continue using it. Only time (and a comparison to those who don’t use a blue light shield) will determine whether or not it’s making a huge difference in that aspect. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if blue light protection and SPF could be produced in the same product, I’d purchase it in a heartbeat.

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