How to work and behave so that you are appreciated and loved by the boss

The hardships of work, the strangeness of the boss – probably the same universal theme for endless complaints, as well as the vagaries of the weather. Some perceive unloved work as an inevitable attribute of adulthood.

However, optimists require an eight-hour day more – pleasure, self-realization, communication. To work has ceased to be painful, you need to first become a valuable shot – not only in your own eyes, but also in the eyes of the boss. The correspondent of SHE asked psychologists and business trainers to critically evaluate the popular advice “How to become a favorite of the authorities?” ..

To take the initiative

“An employee who quietly sits in his place and does not express an interest in the work causes suspicion and is classified as disloyal to the company,” said Svetlana Smolnikova, director of the personnel agency “People of Dela”. However, the advice to “be active” does not need to be followed with excessive enthusiasm. The initiative should be manifested only within the framework of official duties, within the framework of corporate culture and budget.

“If the secretary in advance thinks out what documents the manager may need, and prepares them – it will be valuable. But if she takes the initiative as a leader, exceeding her powers, I doubt that the boss will like it, “- says business consultant Ekaterina Gordeeva.

So, finding a job, find out the exact list of job responsibilities, and if you have any proposals outside your competence, they should be stated only after a serious argument in their favor. Also it is necessary to reflect: whether you are ready to be responsible for the offers?

Do not criticize the authorities. Do not show that you are smarter

This advice is the truth: no one likes clever people (in a bad sense of the word) and no one likes to look like a fool – and the bosses are no exception. If the boss seems completely devoid of logic, common sense and competence, it is worth asking one question. “If he is a boss, what qualities does he have to be a boss, and if I’m so clever, why is it still not in his place?” – advises the coach and human resources manager Lilia Evsyukova.

If you bring your doubts to the authorities about the correctness of the chosen course, it is still necessary, it is better to go from afar.

“Ask such questions that the leader himself came to your conclusion,” suggests Ekaterina Gordeeva, recalling the most frequent method of effective interaction of a woman with a man-no matter whether by husband or by a boss.

Do not ask unnecessary questions

A fussy employee, incapable of making even small decisions, is annoying. And too much flashes before the eyes of the authorities usually those who want to curry favor. How to maintain the golden mean, because too much independence, as we found out above, is sometimes fraught with? “There is a universal rule – for each problem to consult with the leadership or ask for advice only once. And in the future, in similar situations, act either by analogy, or already in accordance with their ideas or experience, “says Alena Alferova, director of NeadHunter branch in Siberia and the Far East.

Find the weaknesses of the boss and become his “right hand”

Right hands are needed by everyone, and few of the bosses would like to have an ideal employee in the state – in the course of all affairs, always ready to put a shoulder. In addition, it is beneficial for the employees themselves: they get the increase for those whom the leader can always count on and in everything. Looking for weaknesses of the leader as a person is rather unpromising and even risky. It is much more useful to serve as a helper in the weak places of the organization of the process. “For example, the leader is the generator of ideas, and you, the one who completes this idea, realizes it. Or vice versa, “- explains Ekaterina Gordeeva.

Do not conflict with the team

Strong friendship in the team is a rare phenomenon. And to be friends with colleagues as a whole is not always necessary. It is enough to be able to coexist peacefully in the interests of the common cause. “There must be a partnership at work. These relations mean a calm discussion of various points of view and finding the best possible joint solution, “Lilia Evsyukova rightly recalls that at work all need to” be friends “only in terms of respecting the interests of the company.

We need to learn to distinguish between conflicts and disputes over the improvement of the work process and conflicts caused by a surge of emotions on personal occasions. If you are dissatisfied with something, ask yourself the question, is it due to the fact that you proposed a more effective solution to the general problem, but it was not appreciated, or by a personal attitude to an overly talkative and elegant colleague who rejected it? Experts believe

Calmly take criticism A

smart person does not take offense – he draws conclusions. “The organization goes through different stages of development, and even if you have been in the company for a long time, the view can” zamylitsya. ” Therefore, it is always important to be able to assess their actions from the side, “- comments Alena Alferova. Here it is important to learn to distinguish between constructive and non-constructive criticism.

“If criticism is used as a manipulation,” recommends Ekaterina Gordeeva, “you should ask the question:” What do you offer? “Or” Why are you telling me this? “

And, finally, control emotions. Criticizing your work, usually criticize the work.Women are inclined to transfer criticism to their personality, and here it is not very difficult to be offended. 

Come to work on time

The eternal dispute of bank plankton and creative personalities: is the delay the critical fact of your work biography? If you do not agree and do not understand “Why in this time be in place?”, Then offer an alternative solution with benefits for the organization and with specific supporting facts. It is important to express just a well-reasoned proposal, and not just dissatisfaction with the system.

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