How to… wear white jeans for any occasion and keep it chic

Once the backbone of every 00’s teenager’s go-to look, the humble white jean is well-and-truly back having spent several seasons being shunned from some of the world’s hottest wardrobes.

But some – myself included – are less than excited about their return. Not an easy look to pull off successfully, white jeans are a total minefield when it comes to keeping things chic.

The previously adored white skinny seems – thankfully – to have somewhat fallen off the radar, with recent reincarnations steering clear of the second-skin styles in favour more straight-legs, kick-flares and boyish cuts.

How to… look chic at a wedding if you’re not a dress kinda gal

But how do you wear white jeans without looking cheap?

We’ve tackled the sartorial conundrum and styled out our dream outfits appropriate for five very different occasions…

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