How to Wear Sequins On New Year’s Eve Without Looking Like Everyone Else

Sequins and New Year’s Eve go together like peanut butter and jelly, but even in full sparkles, it can be hard to stand out in a room of… other women also in full sparkles.

While it’s tempting to say screw it and rock all black, if you’re not gonna go all out on NYE, when will you? Probably never. Plus, there’s a good chance you have a sequined top hiding somewhere in your closet that could use a night out on the town.

Consider these styling tips when putting together your look, and you’re guaranteed to shine just a little brighter than the rest.

Try a ‘borrowed from the boys’ look

NYC-based stylist Solange Khavkine suggests pairing a high-impact sequin top, like this multicolor tank from Zara, with boyfriend jeans or high-waisted pants for a “more elegant look” than the sea of skimpy dresses you’re likely to find yourself amidst. Add in a Le Smoking-style jacket and a cool pair of sneakers, and you have a look that’s perfect for a concert or cool loft party.  “It’s super comfort without leaving behind fun and style,” Khavkine says.

Sparkle in unexpected places

Everyone’s going to be wearing sequin tops and dresses, but what about sequin shoes, a sequin bag, or even a sequin bra top peeking out of a suit jacket or sheer top? Converse’s silver sequin Chuck Taylors, for example, will transform your feet into miniature disco balls. The best part? When everyone else’s feet are screaming for mercy at approximately 12:05 AM, you’ll still be going strong on the dance floor.

Go subtle with your sequins

Sequins are a statement in and of themselves, so consider doing them in black, navy, or another neutral for a look that’s festive but not in your face about it. Khavkine suggests pairing a black sequin shift, like this one from Elizabeth James, with sheer black tights and fishnets layered on top. This sparkly look is undeniably edgy but also subtle enough to take you from dinner to the party to the afterparty without ever feeling overdressed.

Get cozy

Okay, so it’s one of the biggest party nights of the year, but it’s also, like, the middle of winter and therefore freezing in most places, so don’t be one of those girls running around in 5-inch open-toe heels and no tights. Embrace a look that’s festive but also seasonally appropriate by adding elements like a slouchy crop sweater (Khavkine recommends wearing yours with a sequined mini, like this one from J.Crew), a faux fur coat, and, crucially, Uniqlo’s famed Heattech tights.

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