July 18, 2024

How to understand what you want?

I am not able to understand what they want from life, I don’t know what I want to do professionally. How to hear yourself? How to understand what is going in the right direction?

Sarah, 36 years

In my opinion, you are asking two different question: what one wants from life and how to choose a profession.

In the choice of profession you have fine to assess their aspirations, interests, area where are concentrated the most energy. In other words, find a task that you “fills”. When you understand what is soul, will be able to get an education, to further uncover strengths.

Be prepared for the fact that education and what eventually begins to engage people, than it finds itself, often not the same. Don’t be afraid to err, learning something wrong.

Education is always possible to “correct” receiving additional, in accordance with the demands of life and your new interests. Try to start to work in any area that seems interesting to you, in any capacity: Intern, Secretary, assistant. But so that you had the opportunity to evaluate whether they match your ideas about this field of reality.

Как понять, чего хочешь?

The second question about what I want from life, I think, will have to ask themselves quite often. At least it should sound in those moments when it seems that life is not happy, things must change. Of course, this does not preclude following some more or less long-lasting life program. It is very important that you do the major choices in your life. Listen to your desires and feelings, then life will be yours.

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