How to turn 23 days into 53 days of holiday in 2021

Nicky Kelvin, Content Director at The Points Guy UK, has shared this super simple way of extending your annual leave, simply by smartly booking it around Bank Holidays.

It’s safe to say that this year has been a total write off, but with news of a vaccine and instant testing on the horizon, 2021 is looking a little more optimistic.

If you had to postpone your honeymoon, cancel your backpacking trip or just have the travel bug, 2021 is the year to put travel back on the map – and support the fledgling travel industry, of course.

Plus, with a few clever diary hacks, you can actually turn 23 days of annual leave in 53 days (!!) to truly maximise your time away.

Here’s how to do it:

April 2021 – take 8 days off for a 16 day holiday (Bank Holidays: 2 and 5 April), book off 29,30,31 March and 1,6,7,8,9 April
May 2021 – take 4 days off for a 9 day holiday (Bank Holidays: 3 May), book off 4,5,6,7
August 2021 – take 4 days off for a 9 day holiday (Bank Holidays: 30 August), book off 31 August and 1,2,3 September

So if international travel is allowed (please!), which places should be on your hit-list?

If international travel opens up, it could be a better time than ever to seize the day after feeling the reality of being trapped. Why not indulge in one of your bucket list destinations like the Maldives, Petra, the Galapagos, Santorini, Angkor Wat, the Himalayas and Machu Picchu?

Plus, with many airlines and travel companies allowing very flexible and cancellable tickets, and with some great deals using both cash or points, you may want to think about locking in a trip to look forward to well into next year. “Having flexible tickets means you can aim for something exciting, but you won’t get stung if heavy restrictions are still in place and you need to change or cancel,” says Nicky.

If travel is, however, still restricted, where are the best places to go on a staycation in the UK?

“There is an incredible amount to be explored in the UK, and should international travel restrictions remain in place this will be the best way to enjoy a break,” says Nicky. “Go north to the Isle of Skye off of Scotland’s northwest coast – the top sights on Isle of Skye focus on hiking to see the stunning views of the rugged coastline, or as the weather gets warmer next year brave the elements in the cold waters of the Fairy Pools. Alternatively, head to Kynace Cove in Cornwall, a National Trust site, to see the almost tropical looking waters around the cliffs. Or you could head east, to North Norfolk where you’ll find beaches and lavender. Nearly 100 acres of lavender fields are waiting for you neat the western coast of Norfolk!”

Just make sure you use this holiday booking hack before your colleagues read this.

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