How to transform your garden or balcony into a mini-festival with outdoor bars

If you’ve waited years to get your hands on Glastonbury tickets, it sucks having to wait an extra year to stomp in the mud at the Pyramid Stage. Nearly three months into lockdown, it’s no wonder we’re craving the euphoria of a British Summertime music festival.

Live music, mosh pits, dancing with strangers and hugging our friends – these are all things we’ll be able to enjoy again one day. For now, we can bring the festival-feeling home. While it may not be on-par with singing along live to Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney or Taylor Swift, we can at the very least make the best of our situation and kick aside FOMO this summer.

Summer 2020 is practically #cancelled in the UK with our most famous music festivals being put on hold due to Coronavirus, the new C-word. If we were living in a Covid-free world, festival season would be well underway, but why do we still have FOMO even though it’s postponed?

Transforming your balcony or garden into a mini-festival might sound like a right mission, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s a great idea for birthday parties, bank holiday weekends, special occasions or as a replacement for whatever festival you’re missing. Of course, we must be responsible and enjoy garden parties with members of our household only. Who knows, your neighbours might get a kick from it too.

Glastonbury and most festivals in the UK are famous for their boho theme: tassels; bunting; flags; colourful patterns; firepits; and more. The boho theme can be brought to life in your garden with very little effort by using things you already have at home. Grab an old blanket and create a make-shift teepee, cut up some old bedsheets and make some DIY bunting, grab the Christmas fairy lights and decorate your garden hedge.

Since the lockdown began, retailers have seen a vast increase in outdoor and garden sales, especially products with a party or festival theme. Wayfair has seen a 20% increase in customer searches for teepees. Opt for a pop-up Teepee as the hub of your festival at home, a stylish statement piece which will also reassure against an unforgiving ‘British summer’ says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor.

It’s time to get creative. Glastonbury has lots of cosy little nooks to give wellie-worn feet a rest. You could emulate this by piling up different textured and different patterned cushions, blankets and beanbags. Add in a big icy beer bucket for a refreshing touch.

Invest in a bunch of outdoor candles, lanterns and fairy lights to keep the festival-feeling alive when the sun goes down. This is usually my favourite time during a festival when the transition from day to night begins to happen, that’s when the fun really starts. If you have a tree in your garden, a great idea would be to hang some tea lights from the branches. “Woven pouffes, twinkling lanterns and snuggly sheepskins will take you seamlessly into night time sing-a-longs around a glowing fire pit” advises Nadia from Wayfair.

A garden party is absolutely nothing without its food and drink. Glastonbury is famous for its Indian chapatis, mac’n’cheese and great burgers so lay out a spread of these Glasto-treats on colourful garden crockery and your neighbours will be begging for some over the fence. Invest in an outdoor bar, beer buckets or drinks dispensers to keep your mini-festival goers hydrated.

The final and most important element of the garden party and festival is the entertainment. Throughout the summer, many brands are hosting virtual performances and festivals to help us get through this year. Glitterbox, Junction 2 and even us GLAMOUR UK are just some examples. Hitch up your TV in the garden and rewatch some golden oldies from Glastonbury in the 90s, stream a live music festival on a portable sound system or even just find a great Spotify playlist and stream it from your phone – as long as your vibin’.

Don’t miss out – grab your housemates, turn up the music and bring Glasto-vibes into your outdoor space. Some of these items will give you a head start….

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