July 18, 2024

How to Tell if Someone Follows You on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps available on your phone today, especially among younger users. A study from Pew Research examining the social media habits of teenagers in May of 2018 found thatSnapchat was one of the most popular apps among that age group, with more than two-thirds of respondents telling Pew they used Snapchat, falling behind only YouTube and Instagram to become the third-most popular app in that age bracket.

Even better, teens – who, for clarity, makeup some of the most important users for Snapchat’s growth and long-term viability – find Snapchat to be the app they use the most often, with 35 percent of teenagers polled using the app the most out of all social media.

For many, this makes Snapchat the most important communication app on your phone. It’s how you keep in touch with friends when you’re out of school or college, or away on vacation. Since every photo or video you send to a group of friends or post to your story disappears after a certain amount of time, it’s easy to use Snapchat to broadcast your life to your friends, allowing you to control what they see without having to worry about posting something too embarrassing to last on the internet.

Considering Snapchat’s popularity among its user base, you’ll probably want to collect as many followers as you can. After all, posting content to Snapchat only matters if you have friends who are looking at your snaps.

A lonely Snapchat account means no one will see your stories, and since everything you post fades into the ether just 24 hours after it’s been posted, friends you add later on won’t be able to see the archive of your photos and videos. If you’re looking to find out how many followers you have on Snapchat, and more importantly, whether someone specifically follows you on Snapchat, we have the perfect guide for you. This is our full guide to figuring out if someone follows you on Snapchat.

How to View Your Followers List in Snapchat

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about Snapchat’s layout is its inability to easily view a full list of your friends and connections on Snapchat. Unlike other social media, Snapchat doesn’t require both parties to follow each person. You can set your preferences inside the options menu to allow for your stories to be viewable by the public, which allows for anyone who has added you to their account to easily view and add your content to their page. Of course, if you’re viewing their Snap stories in your feed, you may not have a way of understanding that the other person hasn’t added you back.

The first thing to do when trying to learn if someone has followed you or followed you back on Snapchat is to open the application and slide your finger to the left panel. This tab, known as the Friends tab, is the main place you can communicate with your friends. Since the redesign in 2018, this tab has been able to be used by Snapchat’s users to access all the communication between friends, from viewing private photos and videos to checking out stories. At the top of this panel is a search bar, which allows you to type in the names of people you’ve personally followed on Snapchat, making it easy to track down some names of the people following you on Snapchat. This list isn’t in chronological order; like most social media apps in 2018, Snapchat tries to guess who you’ll want to talk to next, based on both your own communication with them, your level of friendship and streaks, and whether or not they’re posted a story.

While this tab might not explicitly say it, the Friends tab does work as a sort of proto-friends list, an easy-enough way to preview whether or not you’re being followed on here. On our test account, we checked over fifty followers that appeared in our friends list. Every single one featured in the app was a mutual friend, following us back, which meant we could communicate, send our location, and view their private, friends-only Snap stories without an issue. You can search for specific friends here too, which is a good way to tell whether someone follows you back. Everyone you follow will appear in the search within Snapchat, but not everyone you follow will appear in the actual friends-only tab. If you aren’t a mutual friend with each other, their stories will instead appear on the Discover tab, and though you’ll still be able to send them snaps, there’s a lower likelihood they open your content.

Still, just using your Friends tab isn’t enough to guarantee, within all certainty and without doubt, that someone you follow on Snapchat is following you back. For that, we’ll need a new method.

How to Tell If Someone Follows You on Snapchat

You might be surprised to find out it’s pretty easy to figure out if someone you follow follows you back on Snapchat. Though not explicitly stated by Snapchat itself, the app actually has a secret way of knowing whether you and the person you follow are mutual friends on the platform, or if you’re following their public snaps only. It’s unexpected, and honestly, if you aren’t familiar with Snapchat on a deep level, you might not even know what to look for. Let’s take a look at understanding a key part of Snapchat: Snap scores.

We’ve previously looked at Snap scores, what they mean and how they can help you determine your activity on Snapchat. They’ve been around since very early in Snapchat’s life, always existing as a badge on your profile and appearing whenever anyone adds you on their own account. The exact formula for Snap scores has never been publicly disclosed, but it’s obvious that the scores are used to determine how many snaps you send versus how many you receive back. For some, competing and raising their Snap scores is everything. For others, they’re meaningless fun, or interesting statistics that can help you learn how much work you’ve put in towards communicating on Snapchat. Even still, many users on Snapchat may not think about them at all.

So, why do we mention Snap scores here when discussing how to figure out if someone follows you back on Snapchat? Because it turns out, Snap scores are the secret key to learning you follows you that you’ve been ignoring this whole time. To learn why, start by sliding to the Friends tab and selecting the search option at the top of the display. Type in the name of your best friend, someone you constantly send Snaps to on the platform. Click on their name, then tap the triple-lined menu icon on the left-side of the top panel to open their profile. Below their display name on Snapchat, you’ll see their username, as well as their Snap score and any streaks you share with them.

Now, head back to the general Friends tab and reselect the search bar at the top. This time, type in anyone you follow you happens to be a well-known celebrity with a Snapchat account, or an account you follow that you know has public Stories set up on the platform. This will once again open up the Chat screen with this person, and you can load their profile. This time, you’ll still see their display name, along with their chosen username on the app. But you’ll notice that next to the username, there’s no listing for Snap score. No number, or identifier – just a blank space. This is because you aren’t mutual friends with that person; instead, you added their account, and can view their public Stories at your own discretion. Basically, you can see them, but your content isn’t added to their own feed. You see what they post, but they don’t see your content at all, unless it’s explicitly directed at them.

How to Check if Someone Deleted You on Snapchat

So, now that you know how to view your friends list inside of Snapchat, and you know how to figure out if someone you follow on Snapchat has followed you back, you can use both of those steps together to learn if someone who used to follow you has deleted you on Snapchat.

First, you should search for their name in the Friends list. If they’ve removed you from their friends list and their snaps and Stories are set to Friends-only, they won’t appear on your list at all. This is the easy way to tell if someone has removed you from their account, because you’ll likely find that you no longer see them appearing in both your friends listing and in the search results of your profile. However, if they have their Stories set to public, you’ll run into more trouble. Because you can see anyone’s Snap Stories when the account is set to public, you run into the lack of being able to know for sure, without a doubt, that a friend has removed you from their Snap account.

That is, unless you know to look for their Snap score on their profile. So, if you’ve stopped seeing a certain friend’s name appear in your viewed Stories list on Snapchat, look up their profile to figure out whether they’re simply not actively looking at your Stories on the app (and, in turn, are not looking atyour Stories on the Snap) or whether they’ve removed you from the app. If it’s the former, you’ll still be able to see their Snap score next to their name in their profile. However, if they’ve removed you from the application, you’re not going to see the Snap score appear at all in the profile listing, meaning they’ve removed you from their list (or never added you back to begin with).

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