How to start mining ethereum, setting up a miner on a video card

Are you probably opening this article is already dreaming to make money on your video card? Then go ahead to mine the ethereum cryptocurrency on its video cards or processors.

You will find a list of video cards and their hashrate, as well as the hashrate of processors. A small list of pools, as well as setting ethereum mining.

We already wrote in the article about opening a purse of ethereum, so we already have a wallet, but if you don’t have it, you can always go to the page describing how to register an ethereum wallet or find it on a blog search.

But at the beginning you can visit and keep for yourself the so-called “taps” for collecting etherium.

Mining cryptocurrency Ethereum on the video card.

See if your video card is suitable for mining or whether it is not available in the table here.

If it’s suitable and you are going to make mining, then you need to choose a mining pool, because we don’t get coins alone, of course, if you don’t have 100,500 video cards on the Internet full of different ethereum mining pools, I’ll post it directly in the article below:

  1. 1.Suprnova – Hashrate (Mh / s) – 43750.51 located in the Netherlands
  2. 2. CoinMine – Hashrate (Mh / s) – 66521.28 located in France
  3. 3.Nanopool – Hashrate (Mh / s) – 197324
  4. 4. Or a multipool in which you you will be minted by ethereum, but ethereum coins we will not have everything will be converted to Bitcoin NiceHash

For myself, I chose ethereum pool Nanopool.

How to open a Bitcoin wallet, you can read in the article How to open a Bitcoin wallet on Blockhain.

Tuning mining ethereum.

After we have decided on the pool, download this program, after downloading, extract it from the archive and go to the folder called “ethminer-opencl” in the folder, look for the file called “coinmine.cpu”, open it with any text editor such as notepad or Notepad ++ and delete everything written there.

Next, write the following:

  • For mining on the CoinMine ethminer -G -F bullet id000/Admin.1/20
  • For mining on the Suprnova ethminer -G -F bullet ind000/Admin .1 / 20
  • For mining on the pool Nanopool
  • ethminer -F -G

Where Admin is your nickname on the pool, and 20 is your video card or processor hashrate, as well as for the nanopool pool, the address of your ethereum wallet is saved and closed.

After clicking double-clicking on the coinmine.cpu file, the mining window will open. At the very beginning, a DAG file will be generated.

After that, the mining of ethereum will start; the coolers on your video card will start to rotate faster, and it will begin to heat up, thereby extracting cryptocurrency or mining ethereum in a different way.

Do not worry statistics on the bullet will be displayed after the first balls you sent, the approximate time is up to 10 minutes.

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