How To See How Many Likes you Have on Tinder

Likes are the currency of Tinder. Free users have a finite amount of likes per day they can use. Subscribers have unlimited likes. These are your ‘outbound’ likes. Then there are ‘inbound’ likes from those who swiped right on your profile.

These are where things get interesting. So how can you see how many likes you have on Tinder in either direction?

With millions of users in most countries across the world, Tinder is the undisputed king of dating apps. Some accuse it of gamifying dating, or robotizing it or just providing a platform for us to be emotionally crushed. While all those things can happen on any dating app, that isn’t the intent of Tinder, although it may be an unfortunate side effect.

But what about those likes?

Tinder Likes

The free user like limit is around a hundred per day. As far as I can tell there is no countdown so you cannot know at any given time how many of your daily allowance you have used. This should only really be an issue if you live in a large city or just swipe right on everyone to play the numbers game. If this is you, a subscription to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold may be in order.

Your likes will reset in 12 hours and a reminder will show a countdown clock telling you just how long you have to wait.

Running out of likes isn’t a big deal if you keep an eye on the app and have a little patience. The only time it becomes an issue is if someone swipes right on you and you cannot swipe back. Fortunately, you don’t actually get to know this but the thought is very definitely in your head for the next 12 hours.

Tinder Plus users get unlimited likes so have no such restrictions. You can like as many people was you want to without running out.

Tinder Gold users also get unlimited likes but they also get another neat feature. They get to see who has liked them before liking them back. This is something of a head start for those people who want to maximize their productivity on the app and waste as little time as possible.

Where usually you would have to like someone and then be notified of a match, Tinder Gold users can see who has already liked them. They can then make an informed choice as to whether they want to match with them or not, before liking.

Then there are Super Likes. These are for the fortunate few whom somebody really likes the look of. You will see a notification that someone Super Liked you in your profile feed but not who. As you swipe, if see a blue star on a profile card, this is the person who Super Liked you. If you swipe right on them too, you will see a Match screen saying ‘This person Super Liked you!’

I’m not actually sure if Tinder Gold users see the Super Likes in advance like they see normal likes.

Who likes who?

Unless you subscribe to Tinder Gold you will never know who liked you until you like them. The app likes to keep that a secret to try to illicit a genuine response from you. It only really wants you to swipe right on someone you genuinely like the look of so as to increase the chances of your and Tinder’s success.

As mentioned above, if you pony up the cash for Tinder Gold, you can see a grid of users who have already liked you. This is the only way right now to see who liked you in any coherent way without your being matched by swiping them too. It may be seen as an advantage but it is only a time-saver and nothing more. If the person swiped right on you and you like the look of them, you will match anyway.

The advantage of Tinder Gold is that you can preview all those that have liked you and prioritize them over others, or prioritize the best of those who liked you other all the others who liked you. If you’re fortunate enough to have multiple likes of course!

If you’re an occasional user of Tinder, the free account may be enough. If you live in a large metro area with lots of users or prefer to play the numbers game and swipe right on everyone, you’re going to have to subscribe. Either way, likes are what makes Tinder and what make matches so it’s useful to know exactly how they work.

Go you know if Tinder Gold users see the Super Likes in advance? Let us know below if you do!

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