How to retrain your hair to last longer between washes

The reason – if you’re interested – is that over-washing (especially if you’re using heavy-duty or ultra stripping shampoos) can dry out your hair and scalp. “This means your scalp will produce more sebum, therefore making your hair greasier than it was before you decided to wash it,” explains Aaron.

Anyone else loosening up on the ol’ hair washing schedule now that we’re all staying in? Turns out, this tactic could start paying dividends in the long run if you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your hair between washes.

Those who have fallen into the habit of becoming a daily shampooer will probably have a hard time stretching the time between washes out. But as Aaron Carlo, lead stylist for TRESemmé explains, “the first step to extending your wash cycle is, do not shampoo your hair every day.”

Most of us already know this, but it’s a tough habit to wriggle out of, especially if you’re going into the office every day. Breaking the cycle usually requires going greasy for a few days, which a lot of us aren’t normally happy to do. Now though? All bets are off and we’re starting to go a bit feral anyway. So we may as well benefit from it.

When you do shampoo, rotate between a clarifying solution that will thoroughly deep-clean once a week, and a gentle sulphate-free shampoo that’s more gentle on scalps and therefore won’t strip it on the other days. Try to stick to shampooing your hair three times a week or less. If you really struggle not to wash your hair (for instance, after a workout sesh), skip the shampoo in the shower and wash with just water.

Next, turn your attention to your styling routine. “When your styling freshly washed hair or even day 2 or 3 hair it’s important to remember that your ends are not the same as the roots,” explains Aaron. As such, they’ll need different styling products. “Don’t be putting a heavy serum on your roots as this will just weigh down the hair,” he says. “Try working a mousse into the roots before blow drying to give hair an extra hit of volume.”

Keep the style going by topping up with a dry shampoo (Aaron recommends the TRESemmé Day 2 Foaming Dry Shampoo) a few days after your wash. A quick tip is to blow dry the product into roots (even on dry hair), to amp up the volume and help it soak in any excess oil the hair has produced, says Aaron. “This will extend your hair wash cycle for at least another two days, and it will look as healthy and glossy as it did on day one,” he adds.

Finally, use the time you’d have normally spent commuting to brush up on some go-to updos. If your hair is out of your way, you’ll be less likely to whip your hair back and forth, which can contribute to it becoming greasy more quickly. An easy updo will also come in handy on oilier hair days as you can disguise greasy roots in a loose top knot, high ponytail or braid.

Aside from all the time you’ll have saved from not washing and drying your hair is that coloured hair will look richer and fresher for longer (the next problem to tackle on our list…)

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